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steep turns


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looks about 53deg. 

My steep turns are 60 + deg. although apparently in RAAUS they dont do higher than 45 by the book.

I am sure most instructors teach 60. Essential know and avoid a spiral skills.

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On 20/8/2021 at 5:42 AM, Roundsounds said:

A fairly standard military arrival manoeuvre I am told. Hit the airfield fast, roll on bank and pull some G to decrease speed. Minimises exposure to any ground threats. 

Yeah the anti SAM profile of the C160 Transalls, in South West Africa, would be to come in overhead Ondangwa the main airbase there, at 17 000 ft, pop the dive brakes out, roll over into a very steep bank and in one 360 turn, would be on short final to land, quite a wild ride in the cabin!

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