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Two turbine A-10s with added Brrrttt


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These awesome RC A-10 Tank Busters are powered by micro gas turbine jet engines which give more than enough power for realistic vertical performance and speed on low passes. The black/white camo kit is made by Skymaster Jets and the all grey version is made by Mibo. Both leading manufacturers in the radio control jets of many different types. These models were flown by Steve and Mick, both regular UK RC Show pilots.


The Skymaster A-10 is 1:6.25 scale with length  2552 mm (101.3”) and wingspan 2784mm (109.6”). Dry weight is 20kg to 22kg (45-48Lbs) and the model needs 13-15 servos.


Mick's Mibo A-10 is a generation 6 kit has electric retracts and brakes is 3m span and weighs 54lbs dry 66 at take off. The model is powered by two Kingtech 160G series2 turbines giving a total of 78lbs thrust from 7Ltrs of fuel which it burns in 8mins. The decelerons (the name for the split ailerons) were my own modification so in that respect the example is unique. His A10 is modelled on the USAF air show demonstration aircraft which flies a known demo schedule an example of which can be found on YouTube "A10 RIAT 2011" so carries no armament or Penny Pod. The model is guided by Jeti DS24 radio uses a Centrebox 400 power distribution and 2 three cell LiPos it also runs 15 servos.



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