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Anson at Nhill Sat 19March2022

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Peter, you didn't get any of the spluttering, coughing, backfiring, and sheets of flame and smoke, on startup? I wonder how many people are still alive who flew these?


My brothers first boss, in 1958 - Owen Edgar ("Ted") Garland, of Perth, W.A. - learnt to fly Avro Ansons in Canada during WW2.

Ted lived a fascinating and full life, and only died in December 2019, just a couple of weeks short of his 99th birthday.

As with so many WW2 veterans, he never flew again after the War ended.



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I flew in VH-ASM circa 1958 but I wasnt the pilot. The pilot that day was Sid Marshall. 

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I believe they were used for navigation training out of Booker airfield near High Wycombe in the UK where I grew up.
We saw (and heard) them overhead pretty much daily in the '50s.

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