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NZ ag-pilot's Cresco ferry flight. North to South Island in marginal VMC. [Nicely done 30 min video]

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Jimbo Burgess's videos are always entertaining. He has another one going in the other direction. For anyone who hasn't seen them he has created some of the best topdressing videos ever made.


I have flown that route many times and the weather is almost always fickle and changes very quickly. On a good fine day the scenery is magnificent. Note that Omaka has a bunch of runways but no cones. This is because it is one of the old fashioned square fields where you can land in any direction. From Omaka you can fly up the Wairau river valley and then climb up to the snow covered peaks of the Seaward Kaikoura range which gets close to 10,000 feet, then pop over the top where the range descends straight into the sea and there is a panorama of the east coast. Even if you don't have to, call in at Kaikoura. The good old boys at the clubhouse will keep you entertained for hours with their stories which grow taller with every visit.

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3 hours ago, kgwilson said:

Jimbo Burgess's videos are always entertaining ... For anyone who hasn't seen them he has created some of the best topdressing videos ever made.

Agreed. A couple of them we looked at here last year:



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Flying in NZ they told me that if you don’t like the climate, just wait a minute.

Pilots seem to check the weather channel every half hour, with good reason.


I was impressed with his turn out to sea, in case he had to do a 180; better to have land in sight during the turn rather than a vague image of the sea disappearing into the cloud.

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Coastal turns are part of the XC syllabus for the GA PPL. I have done them for real a number of times when the weather turned to custard. If there is any cloud about never hug the coastline. You always need room for that 180. Also another rating (endorsement in Aus) is Mountain Flying. Flying through the Southern Alps is an incredible experience but you need to pick the weather. About 70% of the place is tiger country. There is a lot of CTR and even without a flight plan once you have your squawk code & you provide intentions they hand you over to the next controller & they will ensure you are on track etc. Always friendly & helpful.


I note that Jimbo always flies with paper maps as I always did but then there was no GPS in my NZ flying days.

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