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hello every body . i want to find about Maintenance Manual Bekas X 32 . because we have a two airplane
Now we want to repair those planes . please help me

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Hi Bilguun, I think you will encounter great difficulty in trying to acquire any manuals or assistance in regard to your Bekas X32 aircraft. It is difficult to find the company that produced these aircraft - but it appears it was a private company called "PJS Aviation Company Lilienthal".

PJS stands for "Private, Joint Stock (Company)". It appears this company may have been associated with, or operated out of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute (University).

It also appears that the PJS Aviation Lilienthal Company has been liquidated, so it will now be difficult to gather any information or maintenance support for your aircraft.


As you are probably aware, the Ukraine is at War with Russia, and this is also producing many difficulties dealing with Ukrainian companies and people.

I would try contacting the member "Meglin1" on here via a private message, to see if he will reply, and if he may be able to help. Meglin1 worked for the Aviation Institute in Kharkiv, so he may be able to provide some helpful information.

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Bilguun, perhaps you misunderstood what I meant. I am suggesting that you send a message to Meglin yourself, asking him for assistance.


Here is his member profile, you can send him a message by clicking the "message" button. (I made an error with his user name earlier, it is Meglin, not Meglin1. He uses Meglin1 on other forums).



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You must be aware that a large area of Kharkiv, the city where Meglin lives, where the Kharkiv Aviation Institute is located - and where the Bekas X-32 was produced, has been destroyed.

Accordingly, communications will be very poor, and Meglin may have relocated to another safer area, or even another country - or he may even be fighting with the Ukrainian Forces against the Russians.

It is not a good time to own Ukrainian-built aircraft, unfortunately.

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Dear friends! Colleagues! Thank God we are alive and well. I am in the same place where I was, in the city of Kharkiv. Yes, the shelling is underway, but we are working, sending out propellers and plastic fairings all over the world. Two parcels are flying to Australia, one is flying to the USA, yesterday one parcel arrived in France. Yes, I took part in the creation of this aircraft. Yes, I worked as a leading and chief designer of the company Lilienthal. Yes, I have conducted a full cycle of static tests for about 120 design cases in a certified strength laboratory, certified flight and ground tests, prepared operational documentation and strength calculations. I also managed to bring to life a 3-seater version of the aircraft - the X-34. Unfortunately, the company is not functioning and has lost its developer certificate. Currently, interested parties have applied for an additional type certificate and a developer certificate that allows you to officially renew the resource.  Before that, I took part in the work of an organization that had this certificate. So I don't see any particular problems with obtaining documentation, consultations and, if necessary, the departure of specialists to the site. Previously, we flew through Moscow, now we will probably have to fly from any European country. Another thing is that it is not easy to carry out serious repairs of fallen aircraft without having a bearing, tools, spare parts. We didn't see the extent of the damage. But I assure you that I try to answer any questions on the same day. And my website is known to all owners of this aircraft. 

Sincerely, Vladimir Meglinsky
My website: http://propeller.mozello.com/  




Гена и Коля.jpg

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2 hours ago, Bruce Tuncks said:

Good onyer Meglin


Good to hear you are safe, Meglin. We in Australia and around the world are impressed that your country can carry on manufacturing and exporting under war conditions.


Just a suggestion: you and Bilguun seem to have quite a bit in common besides interest in aeroplanes. Many of his countrymen in Mongolia would have a better grasp of Russian than English, so perhaps you could communicate directly with him.

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