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The Luftwaffe pilot who gave a brand new FW-190 fighter to the British, in June 1942 - accidentally

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Armin Faber was his name - and his name would have no doubt been uttered in disgust, amongst the Nazis and the Luftwaffe.


His piloting and dogfighting skills were pretty good - but he obviously only just made the grade, on his map-reading and navigational tests.


The most incredible part of the whole story is how a British airfield duty pilot climbed aboard his FW-190 after his landing, and arrested him with a flare gun! - because the British airfield staff were deemed to not need firearms!




Armin Faber was sent to Canada as POW, but conned the Canadians into believing he had epilepsy - so he was repatriated to Germany because of "ill health".

Faber promptly returned to flying duties with the Luftwaffe (which was most certainly no longer the potent Luftwaffe he had previously known).




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