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avmap repairs or replacement

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hi all 

i have an avmap  EKIV  fitted  to a J-160c  it has lost the toggle button in the lower RH corner of screen

 is it a simple process to get replacement or is dealing with manufacturer an option 

 or ditch unit & fit a replacement 

 what will fit to the existing mount with a minimum of modification 

 what has anyone done ?

 give me your thoughts & ideas 


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2 hours ago, RFguy said:

what is an EKIV? post pic please, maybe I can make a suggestion.



what is an EKIV?      a GPS  moving map before OZRUNWAYS which was popular in past  made by AVMAP

not my dash but same GPS in centre dash 

JABIRU DASH  J-170.png

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Respect.  I’m still hobbling along on my avmap geopilot ii. I’m sure it’ll die one day.

From experience avmap support in oz is poor and give the IV was retired and replaced with the V you are likely left with replace or attempt to get it repaired independently  eg the spotty goth running your local phone and tablet repair store.  My local guy is called Callum 😛

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G'day Lyle, that "toggle" is a mini "joystick" and I think the Avmap people would be the only source for replacement. I've had no probs dealing with them in past , but spare parts ....hmmmm!

If you end up replacing with something else I'd be interested in the panel mount dock or I can do a deal on mine as a replacement unit .😝

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