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Xplane 11.55


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Finally got all the bits and pieces (control stuff) at the right price and got my Xplane simulator going. raining outside, so....


With mediocre hardware, performs well (> 60 fps). very impressive. doesnt need a super machine at all. 

After about 10 circuits around YCWR in simulator, managed to land C172SP reliably -  powered and glide . Quite realistic. Funny when you set the weather to stormy. just like the real thing. it's hell. genuine.


impressive. sh1ts all over MS flight simulator (which is pretty but doesnt seem as flying accurate).


Then went onto (spending more hours) trying some other things like the 500' turn etc . easy when you know it is coming.  couldnt really get the C172 to savagely drop a wing , just sort of mushed in a stall didnt drop a wing as long as you kept it level and coordinated. but I could get it to spin and recover easy enough.   Wow airspeed can build up fast if you overdo it on stick forward for too long.....Again, easy when the world isnt spinning around you in real life.

The C172 is a boring aircraft compared to the two I flew in real life this week. 


anyway, recommended. Be prepared to spend a bucket on a good yoke   and pedals with toe brakes etc. 


Then I spent an (simulator )  hour in the Stinson L5 tailwheel. ... Wow..... clean rolls and takeoffs are no idiots playground in the tailwheel......(like a tricycle). Lots of things to simultaneously coordinate. Unlike a tricycle where apply necessary rudder, lift a nose a little and then off she goes..... Quite a responsive aircraft though, nice to simulator fly.  I was not able to get it to develop a spin. It just wouldnt . IE no need to opp rudder etc... not sure if that was a simulator behaviour or the real thing.



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Nice one, I've been using X-Plane since the early days and was given a VR headset so HAD to buy a PC to suit was using it on a Mac. During quarantine was flying around Australia.


I should send some links to get the landscape more realistic. Can't at the moment.

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I used it many years ago but that computer died and I got poorer quality computers. Now I am put off by seeing what X Plane supposedly needs to operate. I made a Corby Starlet for X Plane and it flew exactly as the real one, but I couldn't take off or land  without losing control. I don't know if it was because I didn't have rudder pedals, only the left /  right arrows or something else. I also made an RV4 before I did the test flying in the real one I built, again very true to life, but I couldn't handle the rudder on the ground.

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Hi Yenn

I have found Xplane works well on very average hardware as long as all the fancy graphics are 'turned down' I only need to see where the strip is, and the terrain.

If you can dig up the file, I wopuld be interested.

I have a Honeycomb brand yoke but I think a stick would be nicer. 

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The RV4 and Corby files went years ago. I made them using X Plane and just filling in loads of details as it required them/

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