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540 planes and 120,000 million dollars: the largest aircraft order in history

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Air India, an airline belonging to the Tata Group, has become the protagonist of the largest aircraft order in history.


February 2023 is already engraved in gold letters in the aeronautical sector, after the agreement that Air India reached with Airbus and Boeing, in which it will buy 250 and 290 aircraft, respectively.


Details here.

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MAGIC Carpet sales have already taken a tumble.. Planes will have to be fuelled and loaded when in the air as no room to park them.  Fuel goes to 100$/litre.  Fuel trucks held for ransom.  PAP (Pedal assisted plane offered as after market re  fit.  Floating aerodromes planned. Nev

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They forgot to mention the Indians have ordered the models that pack triple the number of pax into them, so they can offer affordable fares, for even the poorest subsistence-level Indian.

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