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i have had an interest in becoming a LAME (airframe or engines can't decide) for a while now. i was wondering how i could go about this... any advice from LAME's out there ? i do not want to be a AME as i would like to work for myself in the future.


all the info on the net is very confusing...



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Guest Teenie2

Four year apprenticeship ,then type courses,type exams,pass casa basic exams .Min expect about 8 years in total.


You have to be a AME before you can become a LAME.To be a AME you need to do a apprenticeship and thus have to be employed by a AC maintenance company.


LAME for 21 years


crap pay


Huge responsibility,I am still responsible for AC I certified for 21 years ago.



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three things are required. Experience, passing the exams, and time.


have a troll around the casa web site, looking for the LAME syllabus - it is not trivial, cheap, quick or particularly well paid.


Kind regards





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