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Just landed from across the ditch

Guest rodwebb

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Was looking on Goggle for Jabiru 1600 engine info and found this site.


Looks like a very good site to join so "hey presto".


I fly a Corby Starlet with a Jabiru 2200 from Rangiora airfield, South Island of New Zealand.


It goes like stink. Cruise is 120 knots.


Sometimes I think it really needs the 60 hp 1600 rather than the 85 hp 2200.


Are there any 1600s out there?


My understanding is that the Jabiru should not be run at less than 75% max rpm , thus my 120 knots, but I think the Corby would "feel" better at 100 knots cruise.


What about Teenie Two owners? Anyone got a Teenie Two with the 1600 Jabiru?


Looking forward to hearing from y'all





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