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Aeronautical Engineer required part time

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What about the fuel pump parts that caused the Jandakot crash? Fairly recent too. But also who wants to be the first. PI is a real problem for all engineers that consult.

That was a particularly tragic case for all concerned. The engineer who fabricated the part exactly in accordance with the approved E.O. later committed suicide after the lawyers tried to blame him for the fatal crash. He was a very likeable, hard working, fastidious worker but the stress of litigation took it's toll.

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The lawyers have no conscience. They go after anyone with any assets. A senior lawyer will charge $700 per hour. If they get a judgement for their client their percentage varies according to the level of the court that gives the final judgement. Can be as high as 60% of the judgement. Unreal. Lawyers and CASA make the LAME's life hell. Many will avoid most things that they have to sign off on.

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