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aeromomentum aircraft engines?

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Hi all!


We thought that we'd chime in here and just tell you all that we are the agents in Australia if anyone has questions or wants to view / experience an AM engine! There's three shipping now to Australia and they will all be running soon on Zenith's and RV's.


Just returned from Florida where they are made and spent a lot of time with Mark, Lily and the team. The engines sound and look amazing (watched an Australia-bound AM15 being tested / Dyno) . Very cheap to operate, weights are very good and reliability is proven both on and off aircraft around the world. Current 2019 prices can be found on our website.


We will be exhibiting at Avalon March 1-4 2019 and we are happy to field your calls or emails at enquiries@aeromomentum.com.au.


Website for Australia is www.aeromomentum.com.au!


Many thanks for your interest.


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There is a lot of questions being asked of all the auto engine conversion guys and no one seems to want to answer the question completely.


What is the installed weight??????

Now this means oil cooler, radiator, exhaust AND all the fluids.....this seems to be like asking a politican any question here in OZ....They say a answer but its not the real answer


The Viking I have seen hanging on a scales and it was 220 lb  and that was bare...nothing of on the above was on the engine



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Welcome to the forum AMA....... can be a tough crowd at times. 

Look forward to hearing about Aeromomentum engine.

They look like one of the better conversion engines. 

Good Luck!

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On 1/9/2019 at 6:38 PM, AeroMomentum Aust said:

Thank you! BTW the weights are published on our site are actual including exhaust etc but there’s real life video on our site of a customer receiving the engine and weighing it.



Thats 198 lbs and no oil cooler or pipes and no radiator and mounts or pipes and mounts and bare minimum oil and water...one would think at least another 20 lbs so installed weight around 100kg so maybe 20lbs or a bit more lighter than a Viking..then of course you have 2 pumps for the injection etc

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