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Your Dream plane

Guest Pioneer200

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Guest Pioneer200

Hi all, I have pondered this for a while, for these different price ranges what is your favourite plane that you would buy if you could afford it...


1.$20,000 - $50,000 ?


2.$50,000 - $80,000 ?


3.$80,000 - $120,000 ?


4.$120,000 - $200,000 ?


These could be new or secondhand!





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Guest basscheffers

1. Battered old Piper Warrior


2. Slightly less battered and old Piper Warrior


3. Even less battered and old Piper Warrior


4. Second hand Cirrus SR20. Might have to import when the dollar recovers to get that deal!


Is it obvious I would really like a 4(-ish) seat cruiser? :D



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Guest Cloudsuck
1.Cheetah built on a shoestring2.Cheetah with a more extras

3.Cheetah with all the frills and building help


4.Extra 300

Extra 300 for under 200 AUD? Grab one for me as well!


4. Harmon of F1 Rocket


5. Edge 540 ($200,000 - $500,000)



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Guest weekendwarrior

1. An old Warrior/Cherokee, or a used Jab in fair condition


2. A new Jab 120, or near new J160 (dual radio, xponder, gps, a/p, the works)


3. A new Sportstar or Pipistrel Virus/Sinus, again with the avionics works


4. A used, not too old, well equipped and looked after Mooney or Saratoga



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1.$20,000 - $50,000 Wayne Fisher mark 12.$50,000 - $80,000 Wayne Fisher 912

3.$80,000 - $120,000 Wayne Fisher sports


4.$120,000 - $200,000 Wayne Fisher sports, IFR panel and floats

Was this advert paid for? ;)




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my dream aircraft would only be in the 20,000 to 50,000 bracket.


I have had a bit of a thing for the Lohle 51/51 scale mustang ever since they were released in the eighties. Been slowly putting monies aside for it over the last ten years it was looking really close last july when the dollar exchange was was almost at parity but now it's even futher away at .60c.088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif. I'd like to finish it off to reflect an Australian serving P51 and make it look 'used' with some airbrushed battle damage ect and when it is at flyins let it leak some oil and coolant to give it some personality.





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Hi Helmet,


Yes i have seen this advertised and have considered it. But i want to start from scratch as the build part is one of the main objectives of the project. Plus some changes in the powerplant area, ect ect. tempting tho. it will make a good project for some one.







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