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Remote Controlled Trike


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I started making one of them a few yrs back....but had to many saying it ain't gonna work....thumb_down So it's still sitting out the back shed...


I'll attach some pics for you to see, I had a bit of ground handling trouble, so that's why it's got a rudder + front wheel steering etc... It's all made out of aluminum, except the wheels which are way to heavy for it, but worked for ground tests.... It has a 15inch push prop and 25cc whipper snipper engine, puts out terrific amounts of thrust:thumb_up:


One thing that got me stumped the most was the control servo's.. Ie, how to work them etc...









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From what I have tried to work out, you have one large servo mounted on the back vertical post connected to the wing so it pushes and pulls pitching the wing up and down. Then another on the front side of the post connected through a double horn so it tilts the wing side to side. This could also be done by a high speed sail winch servo. By doing that you can get rid of the rear rudder and just use a small servo to steer the front wheel whilst on the ground.



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