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Superstol vs highlander.

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Superstol vs highlander.


Been looking at superstol for a while now. Been and visited a couple . I originally wanted something fast but I realise it won't get used as much and I would have to build a strip or keep it at one fifty km away. I reckon stol aircraft would get used every second day on the farm just to check stock or go up to the other farm (only 10km away but it's not about economics)


My land is fairly flat and open so I was pondering why I wanted a superstol when a highlander would do most of what a superstol would apart from flying at high angles of attack. I can't foresee flying into many areas with inclined clearings like Americans do visiting their favorite lake surrounded by tall timber.


I was talking to a savannah owner this morning and he doesn't have the front slats. He says that vortex generators have given him as much decrease inn stall speed.


The other point is the highlander is lighter and can get off quicker. There is no sense landing somewhere you can't get out of. The highlander is cheaper to buy and faster. It may prove better value to sink money into an engine such as this BADASS SHOP – BadAss PowerSports .


When I look at Valdez the superstols don't employ the smackdown landing anyway.


Just claim the superstol can land only fifty feet shorter than the highlander.


Is there value in superstol? Or is it just street credibility in reality.


Interested in your take on it.



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I can land my Savannah in less than 150 mtrs easily and I am no expert at all. Other I have been with can land in 80 to 100 mtrs...much better pilots than me of course in the same aircraft type )


Taking off is less than 5 seconds on the ground every day from the time I push the throttle forward



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