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New H/D U/C Carry Beams Available

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I am now able to tell you that the new design undercarriage carry beams are available for any of the Two Seater Thrusters. The delay has been mainly about debating price and getting it as low as possible.



This has been difficult for although the beams look very simple in your hand there is a lot to them inside and they take some making. The situation is further irritated because demand will never be high so they cannot be bulk made and have to be individually hand made to order. But at least there is now a means of keeping you flying legally and not having to write off an expensive aircraft just for a bent undercarriage.



The following is the standard letter that I am issuing to meet enquiries:





The carry beam alloy box section is now no longer obtainable in 6061 T6.



The c/moly heavy duty inserts have not been available since the Thruster factory sank in the West!



You can get them through TOSG – we just have them coming on line right now and have already trialed two prototype beams.



To resolve some issues I have had a single piece beam made out of c/moly and had its MTOW approval upgraded to 450kg to fit in with other things that I am doing. This is less complicated to take out and replace after it has been fitted the first time.



The beam is 1.5†x 1.5†(so they are the same width but less deep than the originals). To this, and underneath, is welded a c/moly reinforcing strap. The beam weighs a bit less than 1.5 times the weight of the original alloy/c/moly heavy duty pair. I suppose it is possible to bend it but damn you will have to be trying hard!



The beam is pre-drilled as per original for main locations. However some minor drilling is required to suit the particular throttle linkage that individual aircraft have and the rudder cable pulley fairleads as these do differ between different models of Thruster.



Because the beam is not as deep as the original a set of spacers also forms part of the kit to preserve the attachment to the s/s bracket fittings and enable you to retain your original AN bolts.



Internally the beam has the same tube compression spacers as the original (all of them) and is sprayed through with fish oil prior to issue to customers. Externally the beam is painted gloss black (over an undercoat) of rust resistant paint. A set of ‘How to do It†notes is also included.



They are not cheap but a lot better than the factory original price for the combination which typically came out at about $780 or more. From TOSG’s point of view we are only just clearing break even as we have to clear the making cost of the beam by a LAME fabricator, cost of the prototypes, the CAR35 engineer costs for certification of the beam for 95.25/95.55, making the spacers, painting etc.



They cost $680 (incl GST) plus postage and packing ($15 approx).



RAAus is referring enquiries to myself because the beams are certified and do not impinge upon the compliance status of the aircraft for school use etc. We are the only people having certified beams made along with a range of other parts that are now impossible to source elsewhere. My engineering bill is getting very impressive!






Tony Hayes



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