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Cheap navigation - Mio Moov and OziExplorerCE

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nudge nudge, wink wink, etc however I will say that what is hoped to have is a sync/file sharing system with data located on this site all for free...there's that 48hr days again



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Guest OzRunways
Ozrunways has said he isn't interested in developing the product for Android

It's no so much that we are not interested, it's that we can't right now. The numbers don't add up to pay for it (if we had the cash) and we don't have time to do it ourselves. Simple as that, nothing against Android as a platform. Should 2.0 for iOS be such a success that we're rolling in cash, we might well be tempted to spend $50-100K on hiring a pair of developers to do it for us, so we can own that market too. But for now we first need to reimburse our spouses for having to put up with many months of bad husbands while we created OzRunways 2.0. :)

We do still plan to start smaller and test the Android waters with a product like our 1.0 with ERSA and DAPs. Possibly a basic Google map so you can see where airfields are. Hopefully still this year. But something as big as 2.0 is going to have to wait till the market is proven and we can afford to do it.


I know those 7" Androids tablets are the perfect size to fit into a panel!


Yes I know, I have phoned them, sent PMs but I don't get a reply so that is why Jackaroo Solutions is getting into it.

Sorry Ian, only just saw that PM. I guess the answer is the same; we just don't have the capacity to do it right now. But when we do and you want to pre-install, you will be more than welcome to and we'd be open to revenue sharing the subscription with those hardware makers that pre-install and bring on new customers.


WiFi was invented here in Australia by CSIRO

Yes, invented on paper and prototype by the scientists there, but made usable for the masses by the same engineer who is now part of the OzRunways team! Neil Weste: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Weste He flies an R44 helicopter from NSW and joined just when we started 2.0 and did a lot of work on the GPS hud, navigation and HSI.




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On another subject - I'm wanting to install miopocket on the flash ram on my device and remove the OEM software. I never intend to use the installed operating system and want to run oziexplorer only. Has anyone done this? I have ozi installed with miopocket lite and it works OK but the installed software sometimes takes over when I don't want it to - very annoying.

When I used my Mio Moov 370, I found that the internal RAM installation was more stable than the SDcard installation.


I put the startup selection screen option on miopocket, with timeout default to miopocket and option to start original nav program if required.


This way I can use any nav program to suit the situation.





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It is always better to use the Flash memory then the SD card as the card is slower due to it having to initialise when ever you use it...this is why I spec'd the Recreational Flying GPs units to have 4gig of Flash memory for all the application to work faster as well as having an SD card for least used things like photos etc



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I ended up finding an unlock specifically for my GPS so all is good now. Installed on the flash memory and working well.



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Hi Slarty (Ross)


got a 5" off Ian (the RAA shop unit), would like to get your custom screen and I was wondering if I would be pushing the friendship. Ian may like to offer on the 5" and 7" units. Is it possible to have a Nav toolbar button on the page as well as those already provided ?


Thanks again



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