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UK Thruster Factory up and running again.

Guest TOSGcentral

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Guest TOSGcentral

I have just got word in that the UK Thruster factory have just got approval from the UK CAA to go back into full manufacturing production and support.


Approval was actually indicated a couple of weeks ago but nobody could say anything until official confirmation arrived in writing - which it now has.


Thruster Aircraft PLL will be issuing a press statement early in the New Year that will outline their intention and how they will go about doing things.


This is a great Xmas present and has important ramifications for Oz Thruster owners.


1. It means that major parts will be available other than through TOSG, who have been virtually the only source for several years.


2. This will be vital underpinning support for our own Vision Aircraft factory (licensed T600 supplier) when it is hoped they get going in the New Year.


The next TOSG Bulletin (early Jan 2009) will have the latest info available.







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Guest TOSGcentral

I cannot see T300s ever being made new again - not much point because a T600 will cost about the same and is a more refined aircraft (you can get tailwheel 600s as welll!)


So yes you can buy a new Thruster but in practical terms you would not. With the current exchange rate and shipping costs from UK the price would be off the planet.


Our best hope is that the Vison factory gets up and running again. Then you can have home grown T600s, either nose or tailwheel, but they will have to be called Vison 600s as the Thruster name is still tied up.



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That really is a good video - very professional and interesting.....Had a chat with the lads from Thruster at their stand at the Popham meeting yesterday, and they seem pretty busy - Looking forward to the Wickenby fly-in this year.



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