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126.7 Multi-com and Area Frequency proposal

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From CASA today;


This proposal has two elements that are intended to be implemented together:

  • Establish MULTICOM below 5,000 feet
    This change would allow VFR and IFR aircraft to monitor and broadcast on the MULTICOM frequency of 126.7 MHz up to but not including 5,000 feet AMSL in Class G airspace where a discrete frequency, such as a CTAF or broadcast area, does not exist.


  • Expand the airspace volume of CTAFs
    At non-controlled aerodromes this change would expand the volume of airspace contained in the CTAF to a 20 nautical mile radius laterally and up to, but not including, 5,000 feet AMSL vertically. For the few aerodromes with an elevation of 3,000 feet AMSL or higher, the vertical limits would extend to 3,500 feet AGL.

Proposal - Frequency use at low level in Class G airspace - Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Citizen Space

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