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Photos of some of the gear recently recovered from a WW2 crash site. The Ilyushin DB-3 was located in a swamp after 76 years in the mud.









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The pilot's body was recovered as well, but no mention of the other crew members. It's been an ongoing dig for a couple of years.











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Looked up some images of the DB-3, Willie, there are quite a few of them. Here is one:




While scrolling through the images, I also came across the Tupolev TB-3. This was a parasite bomber which could carry up to 5 fighters. The fighters could be launched from the TB-3 or dock in flight for refueling.





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Peter, that was the Zveno project. I guess at that stage it had a limited future with in flight re-fueling just round the corner.


I think that one in your photo at the Monino Air Force Museum is the only survivor.


Cheers, Willie.

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