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Hi anyone out there, I have just started to learn to fly out of Murray Bridge, lesson 3 this week. Somewhat nervous but so far all seems to be OK, haven't fallen out of sky yet.


Look forward to getting better at this defying gravity bit







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'Morning Gb, 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif to the forums. Who you flying with, James and crew, or Mikes lot? Guess whom I'm with.;)


Been too hot for me to venture down there lately but next week holds some promise. Stick with it mate and you'll soon be a master of the air.



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Welcome Gb, I am sure that you're going to just love flying more and more, as you get into it.


Sorry that you Guys are a bit uncomfortable in all that heat out there in Oz. You want to come over here and park yer chuff in Pommy land mates - that'll cure all your overheating problems, and the kids will love all the Schools being closed.


I feel quite bad about putting the Cats out at night, and seeing them disapear in a foot of snow, but they still love me in the morning.





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