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An interesting read......Just as well our management are so focused on maintenance :amazon:

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When you read the accident reports it becomes obvious that something is seriously wrong with flying training. There appears to be a general lowering of standards for pilots.

Just look at the number of nose wheel arrivals involved in landing incidents. Just watch the arrivals of pilots, how many look to have anywhere near full nose up arrivals?

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It's been dumbed down quite extensively, since the middle 60's.. Don't talk about it (stalling or spinning) or you will scare the customers away. "ANYONE " can fly a plane has been the catch cry.. Line them up and take their money. the prime aim.

IF you (the Instructor) have signed someone out without the needed skills you are complicit in what HE/SHE does wrong, IF it's lack of training that is the major factor. So many times I have said to someone "why don't you do such and such" Often the reply is I didn't KNOW you could do that". when I thought it would be common knowledge.

. If they take risks as a thrill seeker, or are lazy and don't keep current, that's beyond your control to a great extent., because many such people will fly disciplined when watched but behave like a richard cranium when they think they can get away with it... Self discipline might not come easy to some personalities either.. The cop out.. "Oh everybody makes mistakes" doesn't quite cut it in Aviation. It's not very tolerant of errors or lack of knowledge at the critical times.. Planes rarely stall by them selves. It's usually the pilot who puts it into one. Nev

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