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The disaster in the south

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I don't know if this is the right time or place but I just had to express my sympathy for the horrors that are happening in Victoria.


Here in the UK we have been getting TV images that probably don't go anywhere near covering the true picture of what has been happening to all those poor people, but what is so shocking is the news that arson is probably involved - I can't comprehend the minds of the kind of mindless fools that would do such a thing.


Hope they get some rain soon, and also that they catch the bastards who caused it.


Safe landings, Ted



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Fires Vic.


Once these fires get going in the high country, they persist till heavy rain occurs. There is no sign of that happening anytime soon. On the back of 8 years of drought the entire state is tinder dry, so we are not close to being "out of the wood yet". You couldn't fly a light aircraft around today because of the all-pervading smoke. Everybody knows people who are affected and others who may be affected in time. The dreadfull figures show how unbelievably dangerous the situation is. Australia's worst peactime disaster by a mile. We need rain. Nev



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Has anyone in Melb especially out North like me, checked out the sun this evening - the picture doesn't do it justice but you'll get the idea:


Through the smoke filled sky, shines the sun, stained red as a mute reminder of those that have been lost in these days of tragedy 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif







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Some things happen which make you feel proud to be an Australian.


Heard a call on the radio from an Emergency Centre Wednesday for toiletries, dressing gowns and suits, and wondered what anyone would want with suits, when their properties were like demolition sites.


A lot of other people must have been thinking the same because someone came on and told the announcer, the people who had lost their homes and loved ones would be needing suits to attend funerals.


There was an emotional pause in the transmission.


The death toll looks like being around 250, so they would need around 1000 suits.


I figured it would be a tough job, but phoned the CEO of the local council, who immediately set up two distribution centres.


Today, I took across a ute load of suits, and found a building about the size of an indor cricket stadium packed full of clothes and household items and around 20 volunteers working flat out.


One of my guys didn't have a suit so he went out and bought one to donate.


There were already a couple of hundred suits there; one huy had had a whip round among his mates and had brouhgt in 84.


And a manufacturer will be delivering 500 new suits next week, so by the end of the week there will be around 1000 suits to be handed out.


As I said, at times it makes you feel proud.



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whilst the response by everyone both here in OZ and some countries even the smaller ones like New Guinea that have donated 5 million dollars show just how we all can band together and get over our petty problems , i also feel utterly embarrassed that we have bred low lifes like the arsonists who have continued to light fires even after the ones that killed so many people. Then we have the looters. There is definatley a sick demented side of the human race that just leaves me bewildered.


Makes me wonder if there is a serious flaw in the human gene that will eventually destroy the human race.





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