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Your own web address to your Profile Page

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For all First Class Members (and Moderators) you can now create your very own web address to your profile page. For example I have created a web address to my very own profile as in [iCODE]https://www.recreationalflying.com/ibaker[/iCODE]


You can create your very own "vanity URL" to your own profile page by using [iCODE]https://www.recreationalflying.com/your_vanity_name[/iCODE] using a vanity name you want in the link like your username or real name or funny name or ??? what ever you like. This is the beginning of createding a complete, comprehensive and powerful personal aviation home page for yourself.


I will be adding some great features that you can use on your profile page very soon although currently it has your own conversations, list of posts you have made, media items you have added, resources you have added, your own banner across the top of your profile page and more. The objective is to provide you with a Facebook page type of experience on the site. Your aviation interests and interactions are in a hub of aviation with other like minded individuals keeping it all together.


To access/create your own web address simply click on Vanity URL in the drop down box when you click on your avatar at the top of the main menu column. Just one thing though, if you use a vanity name that is already in use by the site like forums or media or resources etc, it will clash with the site's own addresses so best to stay away from these...hope you make use of it and enjoy your own web address link to your profile page

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