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[27 Oct 2018] Albury flying club display (Albury , NSW)

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Everyone is welcome to join the Albury Aero club in their annual display at the Albury Air port.

26th to the 28th of Oct ——sorry I could not change the dates on the above display , these are the correct dates

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Sadly, with no RA-Aus Class D access yet, that will stop me from flying in.:no:

See if the tower guys can close shop between RPT ops? I did a stint of training there and there were extended periods of time where we were the only aircraft flying, certainly long enough for something flying at 60 knots or better to get from Holbrook or Wang into Albury.

That’s the stupidity of these rules, it’s obviously more dangerous to fly when ATC are working. Alternatively grab yourself a GFA issued gliding certificate and a motor glider, you can operate in controlled airspace on a self certified medical.


You’ll see glider pilots operating in class D at Camden most days. They don’t hold a PPL or hold a CASA medical. These operations have been safely taking place for over 40 years.

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