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Guess the plane

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OMAC stands for Old Mans Aircraft Company. The founder and chairman of the company wanted a plane with speed range and economy. When he couldn't find what he wanted, the sales agent told him "If you think you can do better, build it yourself". He was a former Navy flight engineer who made a million manufacturing a carpet shampooer he designed. He met with one of the designers of the first Lear Jet, and discussed his ideas over a coffee, sketching a plan on a table napkin. They were referred to as a couple of old men, hence the company name.


No 2 looks like a single engined Beech Starship, but I haven't been able to locate any information on it and don't know what it is.



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early 'ish canard - WWII Miles Libuella.


And can we now see you dragging out the pic of the Lysander with the twin wings ?;-)


On OMAC you win, that's the full story as I recall it from Popular Science back in the mid 80's when the original prototype with piston engine was being built, OMAC 1.


The other one is beech looking but not beech ... but its from the US ...



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The other one is a AASI Jetcruzer. And the fat thing above is an SNCAC NC.1071


I just finished polishing an aeroplane and came inside by the fire, so I am filling in time on a miserably cold afternoon.



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I hope this hasn't been posted before. I like the way the pilot sits so far forward, with his head against the main spar and his knees under the engine.



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Yep, JU-90 ... still waiting on a guess for the float ultralight ... but here is another one to keep you busy - not an avocet nor a beluga whale :-) ...





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I don't recall Thruster making any sails as multi-coloured as that. It could also be a Kestrel ... but I'll put my dollar on a Bantam.

No, I had a Thruster T83 in those colours ... it was a single roll of dacron dyed in those colours - no stitched panels ... in fact it IS a T83 on floats in the pic! The T83s with the rainbow wings had solid colour leading edges and ailerons with striped fabric for the rear run of fabric on the upper and lower.

Give away are:


- the high sided pod - T85 trimmed the pod lower at the side to let you in/out with a little more ease


- rear boom support struts to the rear run from main cross beam not from rear cross beam - T85 had external rails between the cross beams and the rear boom support ran from the rear beam


- rear boom support struts come onto t he boom in from of the tail group - T85 come up under the tail


- Robin engine - its a very distinctive exhaust on the Robins


- harder to tell - its a T83 not a T85 as it has the thinner fuse tube


- Pretty sure that only the T83 had the plastic drum fuel tank - T85s came with either Ali or glass tanks ... though I might be very wrong on that one (ducking for incoming)





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