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Guess the plane

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Well, I'll preface this by warning that I'm one of the worst plane identifiers going (once painted a model typhoon the wrong design because I didn't notice the image I looked up was a tempest until I was half way through), but, what the heck... I'm gonna guess it's a BF109G?Specific version, no clue, but what the heck, swing and a miss... BF109G-1? lol

The bloke who sent me that pic is a WW2 aviation historian. He agrees with YOU Sir. ( That geek has probably got the damn serial number from the factory ! )



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I just looked it up, and it sure is impressive. Retracting the main wheels required 18 separate actions by Lesher (who was the only one qualified to fly it). Looks like they swung forward to rest just behind the pilot. I bet he designed a method of nudging the wheels out it there was a fault.



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