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Guess the plane

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Guest Maj Millard

Hey gang, Sorry, I posted the question before going bush and I forgot all about it. Lots of flying will do that you know. Anyway those who guessed Renault are correct. 1ST prize goes to HIHOSLAND .As for the Wright flyer engine being the first, I have a 1909 book on aviation called "Vehicals of the air". In the back are several pages listing flights throughout the world up to that time, in print so small you can hardly read it.


The wright Bros don't appear untill page 2 !!.......I would like to one day put the listings on this forum........024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif


PS does anyone know where I can find Thumper ?



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Guest drizzt1978

At a quick Guess:


It is a Breguet 765 Sahara..



And I would say that.....from memory this one is a Freighter aircraft for the France Air Force with removable cargo doors. Only 4 were built. The Sahara aircraft provided the French Air Force with a valuable transport fleet particular in the transport of men and materials to the Pacific nuclear testing areas. It was also called the Deux-Ponts. The Sahara fleet was retired in 1972. The 4× Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CA18 radial piston, 2400 hp each, gave the Sahara a maximum speed of 390 km/h with a range of 2165 km. Now a proud gate guard at Evreux airbase!





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Your nasty Ross...!


By the way: it's a Hispano HA-200D Saetta D-IWMS, Messerschmitt Stiftung



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Yeah it's not an argosy as they have 4 dart engines....

A poor replacement for my Beautiful Beverley's (47 Sqdn, Abingdon). Don't think they lasted all that long either, did they?



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Air Express or Mayne Nickless operated them to Tasmania (out of Essendon VIC) as freighters. I think they were OK, but I don't think they were pressurised ,and RR Darts use a lot of fuel at low altitudes. These types of aircraft (Front/rear loading configuration) were designed for Channel Air Bridge. N..



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Different aircraft the C119 was an American design and the Nordatlas was French.


I don't think that there was any connection between the two apart from the glaringly obvious general layout similarities.



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