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‘600 series identification.

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The Thruster T600 is an independent UK direct development of the the T300 and has nothing to do with the Oz Thruster factory.



The type has been itself steadily developed to meet changing UK weight increases and enhanced as a result. The later T600s underwent addition certification to justify weight increases and also allow a float/amphibian version.



Initially the type were similar to the T300 concept of an open pod with no enclosure or doors. Weight increases allowed full cockpit enclosure but it was not possible to emulate the Oz rear enclosed T500.



When weight allowances permitted, the T600 Sprint version came out with a fully enclosed rear fuselage but unlike the Dacron covered T500, thin fibre glass panels with clear view section were used. The Sprint is also available in nose or tailwheel configuration.



The T600 was built in two prime forms – the nosewheel version (T600N) and the tailwheel (T600T) version. Initially the aircraft type was designated as the ‘Thruster Nova’ but this soon settled down into the traditional T series numeric sequencing.



The float/amphibian version is still being developed but it is basically a T600N on floats with a nosewheel configuration undercarriage. The machine also has dispensed with the full span ailerons in favour of conventional outboard ailerons and conventional inboard flaps.



The principle difference between the T600 variants and the earlier T300/T500 are a much more streamlined pod, a deeper wing section, aerofoil section struts as standard and a totally new chromolly cockpit cradle.



The different versions come with R503, R582 and J2200 engine options.



The various models of UK T600s are –



T600N 380 kg


T600T 380 kg


T600N 450 kg


T600T 450 kg


T600N Sprint 480 kg


T600T Sprint 480 kg


T600F float/amphibian.



Kit form is not yet been applied for – they are all fully manufactured legal training aircraft.






In 1997 Wade Air (trading as Vision Aircraft P/L) brought in one T600N on each successive year for evaluation and factory development purposes. This culminated with purchase of the Australasian manufacturing rights for the type and in 2000 four 600Ns were produced along with one T600T. All were designed up to the 480 kg UK regulatory limit.



They were named Visions as the Oz Thruster factory still holds the Thruster name and so are designated as Vision V600s etc.



The intended next wave of Vision 600s is intended to include option on full Sprint type enclosures, a new four stroke engine choice, and a kit built version.










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