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Flight Radiotelephone Operators Licence (FROL) exam

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Hi All


As I've previously posted in another thread (I'm back!) I am an ex GA student that didn't quite get to PPL (GFPT only, with a few navs completed) and haven't flown GA for about 6 years.

I'm now converting to RA and hope to get my cross country endorsement, but would ultimately like to do the PPL as I was soooo close, and had passed the theory exam.


One of the criteria for the PPL (or even RPL with nav endorsement now) is a flight radio endorsement. My RPL license from CASA (which converted from GFPT) does not show that I have that endorsement.

However I do remember sitting a radio exam, and I seem to remember it was a pre-requisite for the GA Area Solo.


So, does anyone know if the FROL (or does it have a new name?) is what I'd have done as part of my GFPT training, or is it another higher level exam? Like PPL vs BAK.


I've googled a bit, but unfortunately all the historical stuff is still out there, so it's hard to determine what is the current state of affairs.


Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what goes.




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Ftrol is accepted by RAAus to grant the radio on your pilots cert. that’s how I got mine back in the dark ages.


If you have not got the actual ftrol certificate give casa a call with number and they can track it down IF you did the whole course passed and had a ftrol issued.


If not issued then you’ll be up for doing a radio cert with your RAAus school

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