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Looking for Aussies that were at Oshkosh this year

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I am on the RansClan forum and we have been asked by one of the guys about a father/son combination of 2 guys that were at this years Oshkosh. Below is a cut and paste from the Rans thread

"I am wondering if you Aussie brothers typically travel to Kosh as a group? My buddies and I wound up having lunch with a couple real cool Blokes last year and would like to hook up with them next summer. Only problem, I didn’t catch their names. I know that it was two father/son teams and that at least one of the mates and his son were both mechanics/ engineers as I was informed. The boys would be late teens and the dads maybe 40 or so. I know this is a long shot, but does this info. set off any alarms?"


Putting it out there to see if these aussie embassadors can be found




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