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As you may have seen in another post we are moving to a new server which should help with any performance issues.


Currently our server is located in Sydney and is a E3-1270 processor with 8GB of ram


Our new server is:

Intel Xeon E-2176G - 6 Cores 12 threads at 3.7GHz with turbo to 4.7GHz >14,000 passmark!
16GB DDR4 ECC Memory 2666mhz (fastest these chips will take!)
500GB NVMe samsung 970 drive!
30TB outbound on 1gbps port

Location: LA


The current status is that the first monthly payment has been made and account established. They are now beginning the build of the server.


I have emailed a Server Admin Guru who is going to install the OS and set it all up with the latest software and tweak its performance to obtain the best out of it. He will also migrate the site over and tweak that. I am waiting for his reply.


I will keep you informed on how it is going and any impacts to users

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