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'Fractured Dynamic'

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On 1/27/2019 at 6:54 PM, Mike Borgelt said:

The joke here is that CASA wants to give dysfunctional organisations like RAAus and GFA monopoly control of their respective aviation activities under Part 149.

So much for aviation safety and "safe skies for all".

Some years ago GFA hired a professional sports administrator out of the UK. He lasted a few weeks beacsue he found out how it dysfunctioned and fled back home. The full story was never revealed to the members.

Time to end this farce.

There needs to be proper criminal investigations into all 3 of the above organisations and their associates, otherwise aviation in Australia has no credibility, progress and innovation will be stifled, and the crims will continue to run the aviation industry only for their own and their mates gains/advantage.  Innocent lives have already been lost, and with the range of information/evidence already available, if investigations are done correctly, you should be able to get some of these clowns serving jail time or at least out of the aviation industry.  Cheers

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