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Phil Perry

Some GASCo Reports ( UK )

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A word for our sponsors:
'Our sponsors' are the pilots reading this.  We ask, if you can, to help us in the production of this monthly summary of safety information and generally in our work of saving lives in UK GA.  A subscription to the print magazine GASCo Flight Safety would show your support and reading it might save you from an unpleasant experience in the future.  It's only £16 p.a. for a direct debit subscriber.
The AAIB monthly bulletin for February 2019 includes a report on an accident to a Rutan Long Ez whose engine suddenly failed on the approach to Dunkeswell Aerodrome.  The pilot made a dead stick landing close to the approach to the active runway but in avoiding a post and wire fence the aircraft touched down firmly, seriously injuring the pilot.
There is often an element of luck in carrying out an off airfield landing and on this occasion it seems that luck was not on the pilot's side, although his passenger fortunately suffered only minor injuries.  The report goes on to examine in some detail the cause of the sudden engine stoppage on the approach and concludes in part:
Updated 20 February 2019
Currently there are nine UK GA fatal accidents under investigation.
In the February Insight the Director of the Airprox Board draws attention to how important it is that a report to a controller of current or estimated future position should be accurate.  A controller without radar will rely on this when directing other traffic and it is vital to let them know promptly if a correction becomes appropriate.
Occurrence reports can be used only for the purposes of maintaining or improving aviation safety.  However, providing that this is your motivation for wanting to see them, and I believe that many of our readers are so motivated, your application to the CAA for ongoing access to Occurrence Reports may well succeed.  I understand that EASA is concerned that Occurrence Reports might alternatively be used for purposes of litigation.
To apply for access to Occurrence Reports contact [email protected] 
This month's occurrence (Ref. 201900672) is yet another example of the confusion about new frequencies which is likely to be with us for some time to come:
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