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Recommend an L4 maintenance person

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Hi there,


I found the list of L4's on the RA Aus site, but I don't know any of them.  Can someone recommend a good  L4 in the Sydney, NSW South Coast area (even west of the divide could work).




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Aberdare Keith Rule 0438 902 900 
Bradbury  Stephen Hilton  0425 354 037 
Coolamon  Andrew Bishop  0414 285 556 
Cowra  Philip Goard 0417207 397
Elderslie  Gerry Bolster  0414 914 807 
Merimbula Rex Koerbin 0408 138 409
Murrumbateman Adam Levy 0412 889 937
Nowra  Keith Baker  0425 319 669 
Oxley Vale  Chad Summers  0405 339 858  
Port Macquarie  Dennis Stacey  0407 006 292 
Temora Phillip Usher 0438 218 114
Tumut  Michael Roodt  0405 428 005 



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