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Hello to all. Just moved over to the Noosa, Sunshine Coast area of QLD 3 weeks ago from NZ. Any help out there. Looking for a club and aircraft to hire to sort out my Aussy PPL and a Tailwheel endorsement. Have nearly 200 hrs on a Kiwi PPL with Day VFR ratings for C150/152/172, Piper warrior, Alpi 300RG, Tecnam Golf and Robin 2120/HR200.


Also looking for a sporty, cheap to maintain funster to get around in and enjoy some flying.


Looking forward to meeting all of the flyers here in Australia and seeing some of the local scenery from the right location, 1000ft up :big_grin:



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Howdy mate! Welcome along:thumb_up: Sorry about the belated welcome... I just noticed you!:ah_oh:


I'm not real sure about local clubs etc... over there, but I'm sure someone else will be able to help you with that.


Have fun, Fly safe, and don't be afraid to join in!construction.gif.f002cb6cb906d95a9fd25e717be8cc02.gif


Ps. A fun little acft would have to be a Drifter!!



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Hi Chris. Not much near Noosa but take a drive down to Caboolture and there are AUF aircraft down there, a Tecnam Echo available. There is also a J-3 Cub which will get that tailwheel endorsement sorted out.

Went up to Suncoast Caloola Flying and getting my RA-Aus Certificate sorted. Friendly and lovely new Evector Sportstar with that New Plane smell. J3 endorsement sounds good, been meaning to do that for some time. May see you there sometime.011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif



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