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Tony Hayes has passed away......RIP Tony

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Tony Hayes is finally at peace after losing the fight to his aggressive Cancer...... we will all miss you.




"Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id" <[email protected]>


Just the message that I have been dreading Roy.


I will put this on the forums as it is - a lot of people are going to be sad, although most will have never met him in the flesh, but became his admirers through his writing.


Please pass my deep sadness and condolences on to Kay, Ted


--- On Mon, 9/11/09, Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id <[email protected]> wrote:


From: Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id <[email protected]>


Subject: Vale Charles Anthony (Tony) Hayes


To: "Ted Snook" <[email protected]>


Date: Monday, 9 November, 2009, 8:39




Kay rang me a while ago to tell me that Tony


passed away this afternoon at about 4:00pm.


He went progressively deeper into a coma over


the weekend, and did not come out of it. He was


in no pain at all.


He was able to come home from hospital last


week, and that meant that he got his last wish,


which was to spend his last days at home with


Kay and Penny (Tony's sister) looking after him.


Can I leave you to put this information on the


formums please.


I'm guessing that the funeral will be later this


week. I'll let you know when it is in case you


want to put that info on the forums as well.




Roy Gilby



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