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AvSafety investigation - Tragic weather accident

By Admin, 18/05/23
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That came out attached to the Latest RAAus  info. Worth  considering the points made.   Nev

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good, all the usual stuff dont push on, dont fly into IMC yeah bla bla bla and dont fly into IMC in stormy weather etc etc bla bla bla.. 
Maybe I am suffering "dont fly into IMC video - itis" 

BUT did this pilot actually fly into IMC?  is that known fact ??, or did the pilot suffer some other difficulty in severe turbulence, rotors, etc etc ?
The panel discussion seems to assume that flying into IMC was a fact.

I have seen clouds around me BKN and within 5 seconds, the whole lot become OVC , (which I had flown out of before it happened) IE  all holes and puffys surrounding me within 5 seconds in the tablelands. Wasnt bad weather, either. Maybe this happened.  

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I think the point being made is the Pilots over rate their ability to handle flight in Cloud  IF you start a turn you get quickly used to it and if you do fly out of the turn you sense turning the other way. You MUST absolutely TRUST your instruments.   Nev

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