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Bird Strikes Saratoga N9087V Official Video

By deanfi, 27/08/19

I read this was a Goose strike , it hits around 1.40 , 

it certainly would get your adrenaline going 

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The scary part about an incident like that is, beside worrying about immediate damage, there's all the loose stuff flying around the cabin, due to wind buffeting. You can loose a lot of important items with that buffeting.

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Very inconsiderate of the bird not to pick the right hand side.

One very cool cucumber at the controls. 


Bet that really hurt, had a galah smack my face and that was bad enough.

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I can recall a pilot hitting a sea eagle in a Cessna twin, quite a number of years ago, off the NW Coast of W.A. when flying to one of the islands (I think it was Koolan Island).

The eagle smashed through the windscreen into the pilots face, knocked out two of his front teeth, and temporarily knocked him unconscious.

When he came to, he found blood everywhere, and couldn't figure how much was his, and how much was the eagles. Of course there were feathers everywhere, plus the bird carcass, inside the cabin.

He managed to land safely on the island, which is apparently extremely difficult at the best of times, due to runway limitations, and little room for error. 

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One situation where an autopilot (or co-pilot) might have been a lifesaver.

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