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Skyranger Swift Gear 360

By Friarpuk, 04/09/19

Flying the circuit at Kingaroy Queensland. Trialing my new 360 camera, Samsung Gear 360

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This is amazing Friarpuk! It would be a fantastic way to record flights for review later - especially from a training point of view, I guess. And I suppose you could make a conventional cut of the material choosing whatever angle you wanted for any given sequence. And I suppose it'd have applications for engineering and test flight purposes; you could take a peek at how any part of the structure that was in the 360 degree view was acting at any given point in the flight. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to more. (Have you posted a link in the main forum? I guess more people will find it there.)

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I bought a cheqp 360 camera to try it and the YT 360 viewer. It was really clever the way Heath overlaid his other two camera views on the 360. I will go back to my camera and have another go at it after looking at Puk's video.

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