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    The Antonov An-148 (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-148) is a regional jet designed and built by Antonov of Ukraine.

    General Information

    Development of the aircraft was started in the 1990s, and its maiden flight took place on 17 December 2004. The aircraft completed its certification programme on 26 February 2007. The An-148 has a maximum range of 2,100–4,400 km (1,100–2,400 nmi; 1,300–2,700 mi) and is able to carry 68–85 passengers, depending on the configuration.


    The Antonov An-158 is a stretched fuselage version of the aircraft, accommodating up to 100 passengers. The An-178 is a cargo variant, with a payload capacity of 15 t (15,000 kg; 33,000 lb).


    The An-148 aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with two turbofan jet engines mounted in pods under the wing. This arrangement protects the engines and wing structure against foreign object damage. A built-in autodiagnosis system, auxiliary power unit, and the wing configuration allow the An-148 to be used at poorly equipped airfields. Built-in entrance stairs enable boarding and disembarking the aircraft without extra ground equipment.


    The specifiactioins below are for the main An-174-100A model.


    For more details including the nine variants, click here.

    an148-1.jpg_thumb.7b1b19f56f761bfba65d54956a247eab.jpg an148-2.jpg_thumb.84b90c1c1d02c6c2756dca92820e5435.jpg an148-3.jpg_thumb.4c79a5e30b1ea249e8f3f81ed586f198.jpg an148-4.jpg_thumb.233695ee6a6f39835b4905fd8fa5e5c5.jpg




    an178197.jpg_thumb.897211ea35d697bdc75141c99fbb47f7.jpg an178COCKPIT.jpg_thumb.ac95404c3bec7e8308d8198410348c2a.jpg an178FLYOVER.jpg_thumb.08583062f3229a597ddca9aca43e5488.jpg an178UR-EXP.jpg_thumb.cae860fb0a5787a66ea2e0f7f665caa2.jpg


    Cockpit crew 2, passengers 85 (1-class, dense) 75 (1-class, typical) 68 (2-class, typical)
    29.13 m (95 ft 7 in)
    28.91 m (94 ft 10 in)
    8.19 m (26 ft 10 in)
    Wing Area:
    87.32 m2 (939.9 sq ft)
    38,550 kg (84,990 lb)
    Fuel Capacity:
    12,050 kg (26,570 lb)
    2 x Progress D-436-148 Max. thrust (x 2) 14,000 lbf; 63 kN (6,400 kgf)
    Cruise Speed:
    500 to 540 mph (800 to 870 km/h)
    2,100 km (1,300 mi)
    Takeoff Dist.:
    1,560 m (5,120 ft)
    Service Ceiling:
    12,200 m (40,000 ft)

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