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  1. The Aircraft Pilots versatile Kneeboard has arrived and in stock


    The Aircraft Pilots Reversible Kneeboard is an essential tool for pilots, offering both versatility and durability for use in various environments. With 3 pen/pencil holders, a secured side pocket, a center pocket for an E6B and seven eyelets for securing clear sleeves that provides ample space for checklists, in-flight guides, and other necessary documents. Its 5 x 8" clipboard is particularly handy for securing standard folded maps, approach plates, or even an iPad MINI, making it adaptable to different pilot needs and preferences. Overall, the Aircraft Pilots Kneeboard is a reliable and practical accessory for any pilot's cockpit.


    Reversible: Wear on either the left or right leg

    Pen/Pencil holder: Velcro attached to place at any angle and can be swapped with the secured pocket which is also Velcro attached

    Clear Sleeves: Included are 5 clear sleeves and 3 rings. More sleeves and rings are available as an option


    FREE: Comes with a FREE Aircraft Pilots Key Ring




    Get yours today at:



    Aircraft Pilots Kneeboard The Aircraft Pilots Reversible Kneeboard is an essential tool for pilots offering both versatility and durability for use...


    AP Kneeboard.jpg

    AP Kneeboard 1.jpg

    AP Kneeboard 2.jpg

  2. I put it off for a while but I finally contacted the factory about the brake pedals as they were binding such that when you had full right rudder the brake pedal wouldn't move. They sent out an update kit and I swapped the faulty parts.


    Last night I finally got around to bleeding the brakes. I had a hell of a time. Couldn't do it 'bottom up' I assumed because of the cheapo oil can I was using. So I decided to bleed them the regular automotive way. Still no joy. Then I started to think maybe I had left mixed with right on the lines. So I had Jo pump a right pedal while I cracked the left bleed nipple. Some oil seemed to come out! Well, I must admit I lost my shit and yelled and carried on so much I scared the dog!


    When I calmed down we played around with it a bit longer and it occurred to me it was acting more like a blockage than anything. I wonder. .


    Turned the park brake 'on' and voila! Oil squirted out the bleed nipple! 


    See attached for my fix !




    Edit: I haven't checked yet, but it seems likely to me that the park brake is a one way valve, which means my 'fix' won't work- the park brake will be 'off' in both position!


    so for now I may just put a cover over it. Not all ultralights have a park brake.


    it also occurred to me that the park brake is assymetrical when it comes to mounting it in the Bushcat. I found a pic from when I was installing it and sure enough there is only one way you can put it in (see pic). This means the park brake was assembled incorrectly at the Matco or Bushcat factory! Grrrr



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    Went to my eye specialist as my eyesight is extremely bad now. I have had a detached retina in one eye for about 6 months, my bad eye which now has a plastic lens, a cornea graft and still can't see out of it, which has now got worse. I close my eyes and I still see a coloured lit area that makes it hard to go to sleep. My good eye has a cataract so I see double and my glasses are pretty darn strong already so basically I can't see out of one eye, see double with the other and having dancing lights when I close my eyes and try to sleep. They are stuffed



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