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  1. Well, I am off to Sydney, I call it Sickly being a true Melbournian, to start work. Sitting on board a 737 800 with a window seat and looking at the wing I can see the bird needs a good wash...a great opportunity for a young teenager to get into the world of aviation however they would have to be quick as these things make no money when sitting on the tarmac.


    My weekly flight bookings are with Jetstar but Tiger was much cheaper for this flight and wow, hasn't Virgin's prices increased...I always use to fly Virgin being a velocity member but looks like no more. Still 10mins to departure and no one sitting next to me so fingers crossed yet plane is nearly full


    Living out of a suitcase in a hotel each week for 4 nights as the cost of accom is so expensive in Sydney...oops, spoke too soon, someone sitting next to me now.


    So if anyone is in Sydney and has some free time and would like to catch up for a drink then let me know