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18. Section 65-66




Some more work on the wing. I first slid the sail over so that the mylar pocket wasn't folded over. Fitting the mylar stiffener looks easy, but there is some sort of sticky residue inside the pocket it slides in, presumably from when it was sewn together. I was stumped for a bit until my smarter half, Joanna pointed out that if you half roll up the mylar lengthways it won't touch the edges. Slid in easily then ? . Then slid the sail over some more so that I was now looking at the back of the mylar pocket and was then able to push the edges of the mylar home. Covering the wing was fairly straight forward, but it wasn't clear where exactly the sail should sit when stitching it up. So once I was done, the root end was a centimetre or so too far away. This became apparent when it came time to fit the sail tensioners, and it wouldn't reach! Had to loosen the string around a couple of the hinges so that putting tension on the sail, and Jo alternately tapping the the LE tube and the TE tube while I put as much tension as I could on the sail moved it bit by bit. We eventually got it in place. The second wing will be a tad easier now I know where the sail should sit ?

Note that the sail is not yet tensioned in the last photo. Also I am fast coming up to the point where I am supposed to attach the wings to the fuselage, but since we are building in a two car garage I am going to have to skip to other sections.


1.thumb.jpg.1faa2147e6f5dc6f61e4c30be66b14ab.jpg 2.thumb.jpg.b3d5b501738d52af6ae10ea676714271.jpg 3.thumb.jpg.d1fcc6de711dcc2f95a86b162d311e2c.jpg 4.thumb.jpg.088ac8571c6a00a3d698fd6e965762cf.jpg



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