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  1. The most useful thing I have learned in recent years is that if you hold your arm at full stretch and and hold your hand up at the horizon, the thickness of four fingers below the horizon shows where you can glide to. It works for a surprising range of aircrafty types and speeds, from LSA to military jets.
  2. When I try to view Aviation Classifieds I now get a security warning.
  3. I remember being told when established on final to leave the stick alone and fly with throttle and rudder only.
  4. No square corners in my circuits. I keep them smooth and continuously banked until lined up for final. Just works for me.
  5. pmccarthy

    Grumman G-21 Goose

    I love the Goose since I built an Airfix model of it in about 1965.
  6. Didn’t they just release the cleric bombing maniac? Surely a link is possible, his mates letting us know they are still in business.
  7. I remember a single Comanche with tip tanks that went very quiet one day.
  8. Who can tell us about wing designs? I know little about them, except most wing cross sections were designed in the early 1930s and we just choose one of them. It must be more complicated.
  9. That thrust line problem would seem fairly obvious.
  10. That looks like so much fun! My only gliding experience is out of a station strip south of Broken Hill in summer. Hardly an experience to get you into gliding!
  11. Something about this thread prevents it from disappearing in What’s New . I can't get rid of it.
  12. Instead of internal fins there could be convoluted shapes in the casting to (say) double the internal surface area of the sump. Just a ripple would do. But more weight. Another trade off.
  13. After 50 years I still enjoy it and always learn something. It is a good thing.
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