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  1. In Victoria, businesses and clubs can use trhe Red Tape Unit https://www.vic.gov.au/red-tape-unit They say: Better Regulation Victoria (BRV) works with businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Victoria to identify opportunities to improve regulation and cut red tape. We look for opportunities to: improve regulators' interaction with business, including compliance and enforcement cut duplicated requirements and regulatory overlap identify "hotspots" for regulatory reform improve the way regulators administer regulations Some examples of unnecess
  2. As another retired engineer with a shed full of restoration projects, I agree.
  3. Landed in a stalled condition and then continued to apply full back stick and full power - the "God get me out of here" reaction.
  4. All I can say, based on experience with mining complaints, it is a bad idea to respond directly to complainants. Just riles them up. You need to go through the proper procedures, which sounds like through the council.
  5. There was a time when "getting a dose" was the malady rather than the cure.
  6. Google Bob Hoover and read or watch a video about the start of his flying. Arguably the worlds greatest pilot, he overcame a serious airsickness problem
  7. I agree with Turbs. One of the reasons our field is successful is the massive turnouts for working bees, so that council has no cost in its existence. It has a key local asset operating at no cost. And it is run very professionally, with no training allowed that isn’t locally based, no high-noise aircraft (except for during an air show) and careful noise mitigating circuits. It is all reflected in the master plan. The result - a supportive council and community.
  8. VCAT would be a last resort. If it got that far, you have done something wrong in the community. Every activity has its crazy opponents, but a reasonable council will know that.
  9. Whatever the approach, the reality is that council will reflect the views of residents. So, while legal precedence may be useful, a good relationship with residents and council is essential. That includes consideration of any ongoing costs, noise mitigation,community benefit and so on. It is the same in the mining industry, it doesn't matter how good your legal title might be, you have to work hard to maintain your social license to operate.
  10. Have a look at this document, which has since been adopted by council with some amendments. It may be a model for what is needed. https://www.mrsc.vic.gov.au/files/assets/public/council/news/your-say/draft-kyneton-airfield-master-plan-2019.pdf
  11. That may be true, but my daily commute for twenty years was 220km and literally thousands of people in Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine and the dozens of smaller towns who worked in Melbourne did the same.
  12. Teach me to brag about parts availability for old vehicles. I just tried to fit a gasket obtained from the UK and it was the wrong one! Back to making my own.
  13. Steam powered horseless carriages took off, it was a false start. Then electric cars took off in cities, another false start. The ICE cars took off and worked. False starts are possible, even if they look good at the start and attract lots of investment. For EVs the constraints of available materials and power distribution will take decades to resolve at a national scale.
  14. My restoration hobbies include 1932 Chev, 1936 Royal Enfield, 1949 and 1951 Ariels, 1949 Bentley and several 1970s cars and bikes. I can buy nearly every part from their home countries as NOS or repro, and can find a Youtube video on how to do something. If this is an indication, and considering developments with 3D printing, getting parts for ICE vehicles in the future will not be a problem.
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