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  1. Try browing the archives for lots of funnies. https://www.chickenwingscomics.com/
  2. This has been very interesting to me both for aviation and motorcycle engines. Thanks everyone.
  3. That’s so cruel, with his dad not yet in the ground.:)
  4. Sidney Cotton invented the Sidcot flying suit in 1917. It was so popular that the Red Baron was wearing a purloined one when he was shot down. Later Amy Johnson wore one.
  5. I had just written an item about Australian aviation inventions for our aero club newsletter, I missed Warren and Grant. But they missed Sidney Cotton and Alf Traeger, who made the flying doctor possible.
  6. The very first Sikorsky also had twin tail rotors. But it is not the one you are thinking of.
  7. The caption on this photo says it was an early experimental version of the S-56 but the caption may be wrong. I will keep looking. 🙂
  8. I cannot find HITC or his project using search. I remember he got deleted a decade ago and came back, wonder what happened this time.
  9. This would provide a good base line for design. There are plenty of them flying in the USA, only one I believe in Australia.
  10. Texan Club in Australia is 550kg.
  11. This is a silly discussion. I learned in high school that mass is a property of the object and weight is the force it exerts due to the gravitational field it is in. What is hard or confusing about that?
  12. .-- . .-.. -.-. --- -- . / -... .- -.-. -.- / .--. .... .. .-.. --..-- / -.- . . .--. / .-- . .-.. .-.. .-.-.-
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