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  1. The classic problem is an RAA reg aircraft which is weight limited but would have a higher legal weight in GA. You are about to cross Bass Strait. Do you limit your fuel load to the RAA amount, or do you fill to the technical safe limit of the aircraft? Obviously the latter is the responsible decision. You will be legal about one hour into the flight once the excess fuel has burned off. If you then have an incident on arrival, can insurance be refused because you must have departed overweight?
  2. It can be done by subtracting the weight already in the list, but I would like to get a re-weigh any weigh 🙂 as it hasnt been done for 30 or 40 years.
  3. My wife and I plus full fuel puts the Archer on the nose-heavy limit so I keep some water in the luggage compartment. Am thinking about removing the ADF which I never use, it is heavy.
  4. Many aircraft also have a seat structural limit. It might be 110 or 120 kg and is based on the seat not collapsing at a certain g force vertical deceleration.
  5. In the hands of a weekend pilot a $40-50k Piper or Cessna will not be more expensive to run than an RAA type, unless poor selection or plain bad luck. I should add ...I use a LAME to do the maintenance either way. Have owned both options.
  6. The yellow and white twins the Flying Doctor used were very smart.
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