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  1. The fact that he was a Jetstar pilot has been public knowledge (press, TV) since he was arrested. That he was stood down has been public knowledge for 2 - 3 days.
  2. Thanks, OT. I did find one ES-56 photo on Google, a bit small but at least it's one. The thing is now I'm likely to get ads for gliders. DuckDuckGo doesn't pass on my search details. And every thumbnail specifies the image size in pixels.
  3. Here is an example or four of why it is difficult getting images, particularly if you are not experienced with the subject you are searching. How come images from a well known aviation database like airliners.net can be so wrongly labelled is a mystery. Is it the website or the search engine?
  4. Grunau Baby now replaced with a Kookaburra IV.
  5. red750

    Schneider ES-56 Nymph

    A check of the CASA registry for VH-GTG (the second photo) reveals it is a Carmam M-200 FOEHN. The photo of VH-GHA appears to be the only Schneider Nymph photo on the net. airport-data.com has profiles for five nymphs, all VH reg, but no photos. I think you are right about the Bocian, in fact the Bocian 1E with two part canopy. Any Nymph owners or pilots, would appreciate if you could let me have some photos. PM me for my email address.
  6. red750

    Schneider ES-56 Nymph

    Wiki has the text and specs shown above, but no photos. No results from airliners.net, jetphotos.com, planepictures.net or Air Britain (ABpic.co.uk), although ABpic has a couple of dozen photos of the Grunau Baby, mostly hanging from hangar roofs.
  7. https://newatlas.com/aircraft/zeva-evtol-flying-saucer-tail-sitter-superman/?utm_source=New+Atlas+Subscribers&utm_campaign=adfd6350b8-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_11_24_06_29&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-adfd6350b8-93094661
  8. red750

    Schneider ES-56 Nymph

    Bill, do you have any photos of these aircraft? It appears that one cannot rely on internet searches. Even "supposedly" reliable sources such as airliners.net get it wrong, or don't have any images. Just try searching for Schneider ES-56 Nymph images. The difficulty is that you have to be an expert to pick the errors, so many of these look so much the same. The same applies to Weight shift aircraft. That's why there are so few in these pages. I would appreciate any help from those "who know their stuff."
  9. Yahoo News. Tue, 23 November 2021, 10:12 am Specialist police were helicoptered into a remote campsite during a dramatic arrest of a man wanted over the disappearance of two campers in Victoria's rugged high country. Police, on Tuesday afternoon, confirmed a 55-year-old Caroline Springs man was arrested at a campsite in Arbuckle Junction on Monday night. He remains in custody. Channel 7 News reported that the man is a Jetstar pilot. That campsite is 60 kilometres south of Wonnangatte Valley where Carol Clay,73, and Russell Hill, 74, wen
  10. Thanks, Bill. It came up on a search for Schneider ES-52 Kookaburra and that's how the picture was labelled. I have to say, I know very little about gliders, and finding suitable images is very difficult. Many are only postage stamp size, and would be blurry and pixelated if enlarged. Others only show part of the aicraft, or have it hidden behind other aircraft. Then again, the labelling of images on internet searches is pretty pathetic. There is a photo of a Tecnam labelled Schneider ES-52 Kookaburra. I will remove it and replace it with the top gallery photo as the heading photo.
  11. red750

    Loire 70

    The Loire 70 was a 1930s French long-range maritime reconnaissance flying boat produced by Loire Aviation. The Loire 70 was designed to meet a 1932 French Navy requirement for a long-range flying boat for maritime reconnaissance and bombing. The prototype first flew on 28 December 1933. It was an all-metal monoplane, with a heavily braced high wing, with three radial engines mounted above the wing, two as tractors and one as a pusher. The original engines, three 500 hp (373 kW) Gnome et Rhône 9Kbr radials, were not powerful enough and were replaced with 740 hp (552 kW) Gnome-Rhône
  12. red750

    Caspar U.1

    The Caspar U.1 (sometimes known as the Caspar-Heinkel U.1) was a 1920s German patrol seaplane designed by Ernst Heinkel and built by Caspar-Werke. The U.1 was designed to fit into a cylindrical container to allow it to be carried, then launched from a submarine. The U.1 was designed to meet a requirement to fit inside a cylindrical container 7.40 metres (24.3 ft) long with a diameter of 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in); this allowed the aircraft to be carried by a submarine. To reduce the time to launch the aircraft, it was built as a cantilever biplane to remove the need to rig struts and wires
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