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  1. Here's a photo of it testing a single engine.
  2. Derek is right, the Fouga CM88.R Gemeaux - two CM8 R13 Cyclones joined to create a jet engine testbed.
  3. Of course, it had to be you, kasper. Another flying caravan. In the video on the website, you can slide the backrest of the seats out, turn them around and put them in the front of the seat, so you can sit at the table (see below). Room to sleep in the back.
  4. Reminds me of the photo I saw the other day of the dead python whose eyes were bigger than its belly - swallowed a whole deer.
  5. An Ohio soybean farmer planted a tribute to 9/1 in his field. Photo from Facebook.
  6. I am not afraid of dying, in pain with pipes and tubes everywhere yes, but I could have died long ago too. Three times in fact. Wrote off a car, had advanced cancer, and had a weak heart pumping at 30 bpm, which caused me to pass out and fall down. So I've had my share of close calls. What gets on my goat is every time things look clear and restrictions are lifted, some idiot goes running all over the countryside spreading this thing and plunging us back into lockdown.
  7. Again, that's typical, smart arse. He's not out there spreading this plague, it's people like you who blame the government for everything. Believe me, I'm no fan of Dan Andrews, but if some of you think you could do a better job, stand for parliament and show us what you've got.
  8. And that's just typical of the "I'm alright Jack, stuff you" attitude that has us in this predicament. No, I'm not ecstatic about being restricted to my own home, only being able to visit the supermarket, not seeing my family or friends for almost 18 months, and heading towards the second Christmas with my son unable to come to visit his mother who has has two cancers, chemotherapry, radiation therapy and now has shingles. Why wouldn't I be pissed off? And why has all this happened? Because selfish so and so's who think of nothing but themselves and laugh at others go around "break
  9. Why not get in yours and fly off to your hermitage?
  10. Flightrite 1 Who the hell are you to be issuing warnings?
  11. So if one of your family dies of Covid, we don't have to give a rat's .... because they were such a tiny percentage.
  12. Do you get off on being a pain, Bull. I call it bullshit. From today's report: "There are currently 1206 COVID-19 patients in NSW in hospital, with 220 in intensive care and 92 ventilated." That's over 1200 beds taken up thar needn't be. 220 ICU beds that could be available to patients close to death with other serious illnesses. 82 on ventilators for heavens sake. And how many tomorrow - and the bext day? Sure, the jab may not have stopped all of them, particularly if they had underlying conditins, but it would certainly reduce the number.
  13. Sorry, I had to go and do some essential shopping, in other words, buy something to cook for dinner tonight. I never said ALL unvaxxed are gunna die as you put it. What I said was, if you catch it, your chances of being very ill or dying are much greater than if you are vaxxed. Some unvaxxed will live, some vaxxed will die, so if there's a chance I will catch it, I would prefer to have a milder reaction rather than an extreme one.
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