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  1. so well put on numerous occasions I have emailed bureaucrats - and suggested rather than change legislation - they should take up knitting or at least use a 2 lb hammer on their fingers - these suggestions have fallen on deaf ears
  2. we seem to be whinging ................. about people whinging the human condition is terminal which helps and OME I always notice your comment about traffic - exhausts and wheezing turbines - you need to excavate a bunker and retreat to there Whinge: to me the worst thing would be live next to a person that incessantly whistled - good whistling would be bad - bad whistling would be murderous
  3. I reckon pilot failed to look outside - and then put the pedal to the metal
  4. I'll go for brownie points Ian (I'm sure we were here about 5 years ago) Nice easy read .......... suit me fine - thanks
  5. gympie queensland has mogas .......................... credit card required
  6. what would have been the rough fuel burns for each engine ?
  7. my guess ? - pilot seems nervous from a higher speed landing ............... then things ............... really start to happen hope pilot is OK after impact
  8. there's one missing forgot to screw down oil filler on a C152. went for short flight and had to clean fueslage with paper towels - covered in oil all cleaned up for a cpl flight test which I passed ! - immediately before flight test the local flight instructor said 'you'll never get it' (great words of encouragement)
  9. there is one missing - just started taxi - noticed pitot cover on wing flapping in the wind
  10. if that was planned ..................... smart move (stepping away from global ethics, countries and politics - a shrewd (for some) business move)
  11. The plastic rego card system worked well -rego card displayed on aircraft
  12. if you are part of a club ................. that group should investigate using the one insurer .................. there are some good benefits to be had (for both insured and insurer)
  13. thank god they remembered to put a wing on it
  14. on 2 separate occasions I have been lucky to sit in the right hand seat while aerial topdressing (nz). On the second occasion the relaxed pilot (ag pilots usually are) allowed me top fly it back to the airfield - a distance of say 20 miles - and to finals the DC3 topdressers were single pilot operation and carried 5 tons of phosphate from provincial airfields Provincial airfields saved the cost of transporting the fertilizer to an isolated farm strip - I don't know if that was sound economics
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