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  1. the son in law (150kgs - he's lighter now) and I (95 kgs) went for a fly in a tecnam - notch of flap for takeoff helped it was heavy flying but when gravity was used - it all felt all just as usual (deliberate no comment about fuel quantity)
  2. go on BB320 tell us about your career - commercial pilots are always modest - where you learnt to fly - what plane - what airlines - what aircraft - how many hours - was ..........dragon airlines good with the money - - where did you fly the 320 from - did dragon airlines give you a bus ticket home ................. thanks BB320
  3. thanks thruster 88 - that's the one
  4. I think ? .... I read of a non stop flight in an untralight to NZ - somewhere down south (Vic) Any info or where that thread is ? thanks
  5. so well put on numerous occasions I have emailed bureaucrats - and suggested rather than change legislation - they should take up knitting or at least use a 2 lb hammer on their fingers - these suggestions have fallen on deaf ears
  6. we seem to be whinging ................. about people whinging the human condition is terminal which helps and OME I always notice your comment about traffic - exhausts and wheezing turbines - you need to excavate a bunker and retreat to there Whinge: to me the worst thing would be live next to a person that incessantly whistled - good whistling would be bad - bad whistling would be murderous
  7. I reckon pilot failed to look outside - and then put the pedal to the metal
  8. I'll go for brownie points Ian (I'm sure we were here about 5 years ago) Nice easy read .......... suit me fine - thanks
  9. gympie queensland has mogas .......................... credit card required
  10. what would have been the rough fuel burns for each engine ?
  11. my guess ? - pilot seems nervous from a higher speed landing ............... then things ............... really start to happen hope pilot is OK after impact
  12. there's one missing forgot to screw down oil filler on a C152. went for short flight and had to clean fueslage with paper towels - covered in oil all cleaned up for a cpl flight test which I passed ! - immediately before flight test the local flight instructor said 'you'll never get it' (great words of encouragement)
  13. there is one missing - just started taxi - noticed pitot cover on wing flapping in the wind
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