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  1. I would have thought the the whole Drifter was a brake
  2. Cosmick

    Focke-Wulf Fw 190

    Shot down my Uncle in his Mustang D-Day +1 (survived)
  3. I was going to suggest a blue tablet to get your Horn going again
  4. Embedded in Facebook so all may not see. the last Aircraft DC3 straight on looks like a preditory Bird
  5. Best Trailer for the Battle of Britain
  6. Beautiful video Frank
  7. ok found it. Is there a time limit
  8. Hi Ian. Looking for "mark all items as read" inside posts looking for "edit/delete post"
  9. isn't this the one that Klinger was chasing
  10. TAS usually increase 2% ea 1000' so at 2700' 92kt IAS, TAS would be up 5.4% = 97kts. (just saying)
  11. I was pax in a R22 cattle mustering. Surprisingly it had a Lap Sash. Not very reassuring. couple mil perspex to hold between thumb and forefinger for added comfort. Forces kept you in the seat though.
  12. I use 9v batteries commercially. I dont buy Eveready or duracell any more, too dear. I prefer Woolies and Coles own alkalines also AA and AAA. Aldi comes in 3rd.
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