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  1. Boost mobile have 12 months unlimited voice and 80GB data $150, uses full Telstra network
  2. OME I watched the Documentary the other night, apart from the 4 minute period of charge the Investigation 80 years ago was pretty much on the money. I wonder why the skin was intentionally isolated from the frame with the dowel. Maybe not to discharge through ground crew handling the ropes ??
  3. Ohh.... like a powered parachute on steroids, love just sitting out there above the world. Had a Quicksilver GT500 for a couple of years. QS are great build.
  4. I actually like the Gossips, get it from Dan's about $24 for 6 bottles. They have red and white wines in all types i.e. Shiraz (my choice). Best thing no hangover.
  5. Hi Mark, With a stated Vc of 120mph = 104kts for the 912ULS would you expect cruise with the Big Bore Kit around 115kts. (Titan 180hp equiped is stated at Vc 155mph (135kts).
  6. We already have, called VTC etc. Just update with Jet lanes on regional RPT airports.
  7. Off topic sorta https://www.facebook.com/groups/GyrocoptersAustralia/permalink/4475340232490075/?sale_post_id=4475340232490075
  8. I have a mate who left Air Services 4 years ago so this has been brewing for a while. The mindset here is the same as Individual solar to increase renewables. Primary radar only has limited range and is very expensive to setup all over the country. Initially ASA considered it cheaper to subsidize Transponders/Grant for ALL users to be a much cheaper option so secondary radar could do the job. For some reason the subsidy option has stalled but as it was once considered may be a push in that direction may succeed.
  9. Powered parachutes can fly down to 300' AGL without landowners permission, see CAO 95.32 section 8.
  10. Cosmick

    Avro Lancaster

    Great Documentary, have watched many times how sophisticated the planning etc for the day.
  11. Cosmick

    Avro Lancaster

    Red I have on my computer "Night Bombers" colour documentary inc repairs, 5 hours to change an engine. Briefings, fuel, loading armaments and then the flight. Landing in fog with thousands of liters of fuel being burnt each side of the runway to see and dissipate fog and finally debriefings. Was that doco you saw the same.
  12. I have been traveling west for 40 years and had a couple of hits and many near misses. Last 10 years have used the cheap whistles from supercheap and noticed immediatly the Kangaroo's react differently. They tend to be moving away when you see them in the distance. For less than $10 if the risk is reduced it is worth it. The pitch is higher than you can hear unless maybe your under 18.
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