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  1. Thanks for all that - I thought the auto stuff was probably OK . Now I am sure.
  2. Looking for a small quantity of Chrome Molly tubing . I dont work very well in Imperial, so have supplied dimensions in mm with my best guess in inches (Taken from variose charts): About 1 m of OD 15.88 mm (5/8") x ID 0.534 mm 0.527") Wall 1.24mm ( 0.049") About 500mm of OD 31.75 mm (1 1/4") x ID 28.7 mm (1.134") Wall 1.47 mm (0.058") I have taken my measurements in mm - checked out variose charts and "rounded" my figures to the nearest/best guess listing. Is it okay to purchase off automotive suppliers (rather than aviation) ? Also
  3. Agreed - one one point I would differ slightly - I do my tracking check against a pointer (small piece of wood/plastic/even stiff cardboard), taped securely to the nose wheel fairing. Rotate prop so tip of one blade nearest point to nose wheel. Move pointer to within known distance from prop tip. Secure pointer with tape. Rotate prop & observe each blade tip clearance to pointer. By using a part of the airframe, there is little concern that aircraft movement might influence the test.
  4. Too bad about the Monnett family attitude - If the Sonerai does not evolve, it will ultimately disappear from the sky and become a footnote in the history of small aircraft aviation. I will certainly "check out" the Sonerai Forum
  5. Hi Robin,


    By way of introduction:


    I am not sure when/how I came across your article on the development & exploits of VH-SGS but it must be many years back - about the time you put her up for sale.


    As I have mentioned in my Forum conversation - what fascinates me is what you have achieved with so little in the way of power and what must be a fundamentally sound aerodynamic/airframe design but otherwise unspectacular looking aircraft (no offence to Mr Monnett).


    As a person of European (rather than N American) leaning, I admire small nippy economical  sports cars rather than the big V8's. Your adaption of the Soneri seems to neatly fit into this philosophy.


    Over the years I have "measured" all small aircraft performance claims against VH-SGS and with but a few exceptions, come to the conclusion that they are at best wishful thinking but most likely just lies.


    Some of my Forum correspondents think I am obsessed with speed - not so. In aircraft, I see speed and hp/fuel consumption as a measure of efficiency. I dont necessarily want to fly at max cruise speed all the time but like the idea of trying to get my aircraft as efficient as it can be, within its physical limitations.


    I have written to you befor asking if you know of VH-SGS  current situation( A Forum member suggested she was not much used) and would the owner be interested in selling.




    Sean Griffin / Skippydiesel  


    E-mail: [email protected]

  6. Years ago a conversation on this Forum alerted me to collecting stuff in your aircraft. Went out and removed ALL non essential stuff (some of which I had forgot about) - it added up to kilos of not so good ideas to have on board. Probably all crept back by now but for at least 6 months my little aeroplane must have had much better performance.
  7. Dont know what your prop flange system looks like but mine has separate blade "root" /hub socket clamping to the flange securing bolts. This means that I can clamp the blades in the selected pitch without fear of making an inadvertent change when I tighten the 6 x 8 mm flange bolts. I always tighten progressively, using an accurate torque wrench, to minimise the chance of distortion. Your LAIME should be able to advise on what needs replacing. If your prop was a hollow composite, there may be little if any damage to the hub & "studs"/bolts. My aircraft uses "off th
  8. Sobering reading. Reinforces the need to be acutely aware of W&B for every "sortie" where weight limits may be be very close/above max OR where a single weight (large person) is boarding. My aircraft is supposed to be able to accommodate 2 X 90 kg persons. I am a shrimp at about 70Kg, fully dressed for the cold, so when I get a large passenger (anyone 90 kg or over) I start to be concerned about lateral trim, TO/Landing distances & speeds - Sorry but I dont take passengers of 100 kg or over, even though the aircraft is technically within weight limits.
  9. Cause I'm anal, I use several different devices to check/adjust pitch: Alan key, spanners, accurate torque wrench to loosen/tighten hub fittings Tin of Carnauba wax polish Lubricate blade hub socket (only need to be applied at first adjustment) Masking tape Wrapped around blade at approximate measuring radial (dont forget to remove befor engine start) Steel metre rule Used to make accurate measurements from, pre scribed, centre of hub to recommended measuring location on each blade. I make two measurements/blade - hub centre to lea
  10. Hi Rhrudder- dont have a 914 (wish I had)but do have a 912 ULS so may be able to contribute a little or could be all fake news In my application I took a great deal of time & trouble to static balance, pitch and then dynamic balance my 2 blade Fiti prop. Ran like a sowing machine from the static balance/pitch onward, so noticed little change with the dynamic balance. I guess I am going the long way about suggesting you may have been a tad hasty in your temporary re propping. I would also second Blueadventures suggestion again you can only benefit from aa precise as
  11. Great stuff Robin What amazes me is the performance of your creation. Its not just the speed, its the econamy/range, the low stall - the doing of so much more with less - very much the subtle sophisticated approach to aircraft design/power - as apposed to the just add a bigger donk & brick will fly philosophy. I run the same engine, Rotax 912 ULS, in what most of my compatriots would consider to be a reasonably slippery airframe, ATEC Zephyr (Vne 143 knots Vso 30 knots). We can achieve 120 knots, at sea level, but my ground adjustable prop runs out of thrust at that point
  12. Ha Ha! its great to hear the jokers are all on song. By all means have your fun but have you read about Robin Austen's most recent masterpiece VH-SRS, in General Discussion VH-SGS Soneri II - Look what you can do with a humble Rotax 912 ULS & a CS prop and a massive dollop of talent Max continuous cruise speed 173 Kts All day everyday cruise speed 165 Kts (24”/4800rpm) Economy cruise - 160 Kt at 15.2 L/hr Aerobatic +6G -5G VNE 180Kts (testing included full range flutter testing up to and including 200
  13. Robin, You are genius par excellence. How is it that you can alone seem to be able to deliver such whole of aircraft efficiency, when the rest of the light aircraft world continues to squabble about the size of the engine or how "sexy" the aircraft looks. Four questions: You have told us the prop blades are Sensenich - iI assume the hub is from a different supplier, are you at liberty to name them? (supplementary Q hydraulic or electric control/governor?). What might be your estimated ground role? and climb speed/rate? Rotax 912 enhancements ? Will
  14. RF - You have it in the "nut shell" - Will I get a significant increase in cruise performance, while preserving my already excellent TO performance???? My own Airmaster enquiries have been responded to with great efficiency HOWEVER they seemed somewhat generic to me. I have written back asking for a justification of their recommendation - I wait in anticipation of their reply. The quote(s) from Airmaster were in the $11+k range, including delivery but not GST. In the mean time I have contacted MT-Propeller who have responded equally fast but with a different
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