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  1. Oh! I forgot to ask for any erly specifications that might be floating around - weight, blade selection, control system, etc, etc.
  2. Kyle - please keep me posted on the CS prop from E-prop. Could be that when I get my Zephyr back in the air the E-prop may have come onto the market - here's wishing.
  3. Sorry mate - dont seem to have your contact details any more. I would be very interested to talk to anyone with CS/IFA prop experience & insight.


    If the offer is still open please email me on [email protected]

  4. Great video M61A1 - If only could afford a Rotax 915 IS Plus a linked/FADEC type ? propeller system. A comment on the marriage of a 141 Hp turbo engine/CS prop motivating a little Kitfox - Everyone has different motives/pleasures in recreational aviation. This guy is obviously into the STOL world. The MPH & US Gallons all sound good, until its converted to my comfort zone, litres and knots. So for a cruise of about 110 knots he is using about 38 L/hr - doesn't "press my buttons" If I had this power plant, optimised for altitude, I would stick it in s
  5. That's great! My Thanks. Have just written to the factory, seeking costed recommendations for Rotax 912 ULS powered ATEC Zephyr. My home strip is marginal to say the least, so ground adjustable prop set for advantage TO/Climb Out. I wish to preserve the ground role (sub 100 M on grass) climb out (1500 f/mint + @ 60 -70 knots) but improve on cruise. Existing cruise is 100-110 knots @ 500-5200 rpm for a fuel burn of -13 L/h to -14 L/h. I flight plan at a conservative 14L/hr. I have seen just under 120 knots @ 5500 RPM at 500 ft (beach run). POH
  6. Sorry had to attuned to Grandpa duties- I would be interested in the following: RPM & estimated fuel consumption at: 100 knots 110 knots 120 knots The Sabre's stall speed, max load (600 kg?) and your ground role, climb/speed, comfortable cruise & top speed as experienced by you. The manufactures POH stall , cruise and max speed. Your comments on your propeller performance (befor the accident)
  7. Thanks Rhtrudder - I am trying to get information on CS/IFA propeller suppliers/producst - see my conversation in Prop Selection
  8. Rhtrudder - May I ask what brand & type of CS/In flight Adjust propeller is fitted to your aircraft ?
  9. Guys! Guys! I apologize if my tone has been a bit off and offence taken but really not one person has come close to answering my question's. (MASSIVE FRUSTRATION)) I have a constant speed propeller endorsement and some limited real word experience of the same. So I have at least a basic understanding of how they work. I have never optimised my existing ground adjustable prop for high speed or cruise - just not practical in my circumstances. Yes RFguy I could relocate to my local airfield or a host of others both near & far, just to find out how fast she
  10. Quite extraordinary! We are now getting to the end of page 4 of this conversation and as yet not one contributor has addressed my original questions. So far the conversation has, for the most part been negative, tending to focus on the poor cost to effective ratio of a CS propellers in this class of aircraft, rather than performance characteristics? There does not seem to be any knowledge as to the merits of hydraulic versus electric CS props OR why hydraulics seem to be considerably lighter?. It would appear that the few who actually want to discuss CS pr
  11. Thank you for your council Kasper - you have repeated all that I already know. What I dont know is who supplies the best CS prop for my aircraft and objectives. Are there no CS drivers out there, who wish to have their opinions aired in this Forum ?
  12. Its the relative merits of the suppliers and their offerings NOT the merits of CS props of which I am well versed in the theory and have some experience.
  13. Some CS propeller suppliers have answered my letter of enquiry: MT- Propeller: · The MTV-1-1A/170-51 Electric, Weight? Cost $16,606 Au · MTV-34-1-A/170-202 Hydraulic, Weight 7.5 kg Cost $13,700.00 Au Comment: Both 2 blade configurations. Expensive. No rational or detailed information/photos, etc. CS prop must be returned to service shop at 600 hrs (?) I do not know the relative merits of electric versus hydraulic but do know that my Rotax will require modification ($$) to facilitate the hydraulic propeller. Airmaster: ·
  14. MS1A1 - I understand all of what you have said my question are: What reputable CS propeller suppliers are there out there What are the relative merits of the above On your comment "WOT 5500 RPM" - if I were to set my existing ground adjustable prop for this, I have no doubt that my high speed cruise would be in the vicinity of 125 knots (an improvement of about + 6 knots) BUT my take off role would be very much longer and my climb less - in my situation this puts my life at risk.
  15. So what are you saying - cause the stall speed may be at solo /minimal weight (not RAA 600 kg) the aircrafts performance is not truly gobsmacking ?????. I am not interested in trying for SGS/SRS performance - I would just like to maintain my existing TO/Climb, while having a bit more cruise (+10 knots would be nice/acceptable)
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