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  1. Garfly - not only does he mis name the vent tubes I suspect the exhaust/muffler system he is running (doesn't look like ball & sockets system) is prone to all sorts of stress cracking.
  2. OME - I dont think this is a figure that can be easily quantified or fixed. Too many variables! - Aircraft load, X wind, cleanliness of aerofoils, pilot skill, familiarity with that aircraft, temperature & altitude. etc . The pilot must make his/her own determination of what the aircrafts performance might be on a given day and apply the "fudge" factor that they think they can "live" with.
  3. Ooooh! Jase - go carefully - sounds like my cautionary comment, several back - you might end up being burnt at the stake
  4. While I agree with you (& extend that sentiment to road vehicles) I would never say this to someone I have not met in person and had the chance to evaluate their performance. In short, unnecessarily abrupt and unhelpful - suggest an apology .
  5. Your observations/comments make a lot of sense but in reality a large number of aircraft engines run oil coolers (might this be an Au climatic thing?)
  6. Soooo tempted to encourage your interest elsewhere BUT you do seem focused on the Jabiru J230d so will leave well alone.
  7. Thanks for that Onetrack always appreciate a friendly comment - just to expand a little on my installation - started with a vehicle horn - sounded laud a scary to me but the beasties took very little notice. Removed horn & installed (same location & wiring) the security siren thingy. It builds up to speed (moving part) & sound making a horrible wailing din - it works as hoped.!
  8. The Oaks airfield, has had, on occasion, goats, cattle and the odd miracle of modern medicine, the brain dead pedestrian.
  9. When I hand prop my aircraft I get a small rise in indicated oil pressure - so oil is being pressurised and I would hope distributed. With reference to a pre start oil pump: The main benefit of such a system is on little used engines or after a long lay up. Of course it may have a small benefit for every engine, even those used daily(hard to gauge). The cost:benefit, additional weight and complexity are all of concern. It would seem to me that you could remove most of the complexity & weight of a permanently fitting pump, by coming up with a system tha
  10. Onetrack - I can certainly see the merit of such a system helping engines that are expected to go from cold start, to full power & load, within a few seconds/minutes , such as generators and emergency pumps. May also be a good investment for the little used marine engine but cant see that it would be helpful for regularly used equipment/vehicles and hand "propping" of small aircraft engines befor the first start of the day, while not quite as good, is infinitely cheaper, significantly less complex and lighter.
  11. Now now Kyle, its not like you to be making such dogmatic comments. I flew a Foxbat, for the first time, last weekend. Being between aircraft & needing some practice/currency, I felt that the Foxbat has a circuit performance, very similar to the aircraft I am most familiar with and not to dissimilar to the one that is in the above schematic - I was correct. The training was most helpful and I will repeat it periodically until such time as I have found a new mount. These figures may not sit well with you but they have been demonstrated in the real world, not just fa
  12. OME - you wanted some circuit figures (I wont mention the aircraft make or model, someone might accuse me of making a sales pitch): This diagram forms part of the POH for this aircraft. Not on the schematic, is the stall speed of 27 knots, so to minimise ground role, expect to touch down at sub 30 knots to minimise float/ground effect. Max fuel load for this aircraft is 100L. Typical empty weight sub 300 kg. Max TO weight (in Au) 600 kg
  13. I have the same problem, plus horses, if the gate has been opened while I have been away. On occasion have had to phone for someone to do a vehicle "strip run" I have fitted, low down on the fire wall/engine bay bulkhead, close to the exit air aperture, a preloved, 12v, car alarm, activated by a panel switch - seems to have the desired effect - general scattering of all unwanted living obstacles. In the fulness of time, they may become habituated to the noise and ignore it too.
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