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  1. Well I recently obtained my Class 2 medical - What a palaver!!!! I have been flying RAA for quite a few years, so had let my GA stuff lapse - decided to do my tail wheel endorsement. No reasonably local RAA training available, so went back to GA. For the record- For about 30 years I have been a private VFR, Day Only, pilot, with no interest in obtaining flying privileges beyond this. On "passing" my tail wheel, a geriatric moment of elation overcame me and I decided to get my Class 2 medical, with a view to doing my GA BFR . Went on the CASA web site. Compl
  2. No matter what fixed wing aircraft you fly - if its Rotax 91 you must manage engine RPM. The prop cats like a speed governor - pitch up for lower rpm / down for higher rpm. The 5200 static will allow the engine to get max rpm in TO phase AND if pilot not attentive redline.
  3. I didn't mean to suggest that Europa's are not great - they are. Nothings perfect, particularly kit built, which will vary from aircraft to aircraft. Europa's are solid, fast, economical aircraft, with good rough field capability.
  4. Yeah! might just have to bit the bullet and devote the next 6 month (could be less) to putting her back into the air - by far the cheapest option and so far only had tyre kickers look at her.
  5. 30 hrs???? First I have heard of it - I have always removed 3 litres & replaced with 3 litres - ie no obverse oil consumption
  6. Just repeating Rotax 912 ULS service instructions - personally I do my crankcase oil (only) change at 50 hrs. This is a feel good change, does not include filters and has no basis in oil analysis or other more rational decision making. As for your oil "quality" observations, colour/texture - I am surprised at your unscientific subjective assessments which have little bearing on the actual condition of the oil.
  7. Hi Mark - my success with Europa's is not so good. So far CO gassed by the first one, could not bring myself to sign the ridiculous Sales Contract presented by the "broker" of the second one. I have always liked Europa's - Stall is about 45 knots. Mono wheel ground handling the most challenging aspect. Entry/exit just a bit challenging for old farts like myself. Average weight (across fleet) is about 370kg - counteracting this is a max TO weight of 620 kg (useful when RAA gets its weight increase). Build quality is variable, as all kits - this is especially true of the Classic. A
  8. T88 - love the look of your Musketeer - The extreme example of how far we have come, would probably be Robin Austen's Sonerai variant VH-SGS http://www.worldrecordplane.com/ . You can read the astonishing capability of this aircraft for yourself. Leaving SGS to one side - today you can purchase a factory built (or kit variant of the same) Rotax 912 ULS powered, that is capable of high speed cruise of about 135 knots @ about 18-19L/h ULP, the same aircraft can achieve an econamy cruise of 120 knots at about 16//hr and at 100 knots 13L/hr. The one I am mos
  9. It seems to me that almost any machine can be maintained to run indefinably - the limiting factor is usually cost (or cost effectiveness if you will). Aesthetically I drool over many of the post WW2 light aircraft - but and its a big BUT, I can fly faster and cheaper in a current generation Rotax powered aircraft, than I ever could in the equivalent 30-76 year old two seater (even when they were new). Sadly it just comes down to economics. Its very similar in the automotive world - beautiful cars/motorbikes of the past, lovingly restored/maintained by enthusiasts, for t
  10. Anyone know the owner of a Rotax 912 motivated Sonerai, located in the Albury/Wodonga area. Name & contact details would be appreciated
  11. Short answear - dont know. As a 19 aircraft the builder may have incorporated larger tanks (hoping!)
  12. Perfectly reasonable comment - my bladder is good for 2-3 hrs (no more). So as long as the aircraft can do this (may carry additional fuel) I am a happy chappy. Space is an interesting concept - most aircraft specifications talk about carrying capacity in kg, few mention volume. There are aircraft with volume to spare (Jab 230?) and not such great kg carrying capacity due to empty weight and current 600kg max TO (soon to be upgraded). It all comes down to application (might have to cut a small hole in rear bulkhead to accommodate fishing rod)
  13. No to the venting - have been in hart stopping turbulence a few times (Katoomba area) - never saw any oil being vented (during or after). Oil venting is a common problem in many aircraft engines and usually relates to overfilling or "aerobatic/turbulent?" manoeuvres that the engine is not designed for. No motor is perfect - agreed without reservation, however some of us perceive that some motors are closer to perfection than others.
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