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  1. I have a yellow tag "Items for review" next to "Manage aircraft" menu in my.casa.gov.au portal. Clicked, there were 2 options: - confirm all details are correct, and - some details are correct. Nothing wrong with current data, still the message came out "unable to complete online, contact us". Clicked "Contact us" then another message popped up "Page not exist". Go figure...
  2. I use my School's flight plan form. Not the best in the World, but does the job and it helps when doing BFR..
  3. Thankfully it was a northerly wind. Otherwise not much options down between factories... Good news is that pilot survived.
  4. Don't know much about the Jabiru lights, but I installed these Led bulbs which work in dual mode, similar to some camping headlamps, i.e. press switch once - steady light, switch off then on - flashing strobe effect. No need for any electronics, straight in Led bay15s bulb replacement. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dual-Mode-Constant-Strobe-LED-Replacement-Nav-Bulb-SET-Super-Bright-10-30VDC-/332637497097?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  5. As a seller, if I have a choice of getting $5k more but subject to this and subject to that, I would rather accept $5k less from a buyer who is happy with "sold as-is". But that's me. From personal experience as a buyer, information that LAME's daughter piloted the aircraft was sufficient insurance that aircraft is in good condition regardless of age, logbook and a fresh MR. My key question to LAME was what previous owner didn't do that he suggested to him. He said ~$8k for control cables which I offered immediately, but he said that wasn't urgent, can wait.
  6. CPL licence does not include any of instrument ratings. CPL is "very similar" as PPL (I will get bashed on this statement), however it does have additional 7 theory exams, plus ~150-200hours which allows you to do flying for money. Also CPL standards / tolerances are much more stricter than PPL. So yes, CPL gives you more knowledge and experience. However, most CPL gratuates realise the CPL licence is not much of use to them unless they are instrument rated, therefore they proceed towards the Instrument rating (IR). There are two major IR ratings, and both PPLs and CPLs
  7. Good choice ! You can skip RPL and go straight to PPL: Study and pass the theory, do the Flying lessons, pass the Licence test. Alternatively you can skip everything and go straight to CPL: Study all 7 CPL books and pass the theory, do Flying lessons, pass the Licence test. IREX theory exam is separate and no prerequisite is required, but in my opinion it is the hardest exam in aviation (haven't tried ATPL yet). Books, theory, exams don't cost too much, but flying as you know does. Enjoy the journey !
  8. Instrument Rating is great skill to have regardless of your licence. For Command Instrument Rating (CIR), both CPLs and PPLs have to go through the same process: flying 50hrs solo cross country before lessons, passing IREX, then another 40 hours of IFR lessons of which some can be done in a simulator. There is also a Private IFR rating with slighgly lower requirements, PIFR exam is shorter, 20 hours of IFR lessons including sim sessions, therefore there will be some restrictions with PIFR vs CIR. Single-pilot instrument rating is both mentally and physically more demanding
  9. There is no clearance to enter IMC. You practice diversions for such reasons during Nav flights.
  10. You can fly VFR in all classes of airspaces except class A, which is above FL180 or FL245 at some parts over the Bass strait. https://vfrg.casa.gov.au/operations/general-information/classes-of-airspace/ Exceptions are Prohibited, Restricted areas, as well as Transition layer which is between FL100 and FL125 (depending on QNH) https://vfrg.casa.gov.au/operations/general-information/vfr-altimetry/ No need a clearance to enter class E, which is above FL125 over Bass strait, but contacting ATC is a safety measure. You can request Flight Following in
  11. Have you considered posting an ad in a "Wanted" section?
  12. I would add ".. and nose below horizon.." as more important than anything else..
  13. I just realised this video have a sound and is actually staged 🙂 Regardless, if I'm at 8500ft and engine stops, and have that big aerodrome is in sight, I would still head directly towards the aerodrome, then spiraling down (until I can play high key/low key). Reason: those mountains where you can clearly see the trees could generate some strong winds called "mountain waves" (I'm sure you've heard about them), winds that could push you down sooner than you've planned, then as you said "stretching the glide" may be too late. I like your rhetoric "did you learn anything
  14. Everything you know is wrong. This guy explained everything...
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