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  1. I would add ".. and nose below horizon.." as more important than anything else..
  2. I just realised this video have a sound and is actually staged 🙂 Regardless, if I'm at 8500ft and engine stops, and have that big aerodrome is in sight, I would still head directly towards the aerodrome, then spiraling down (until I can play high key/low key). Reason: those mountains where you can clearly see the trees could generate some strong winds called "mountain waves" (I'm sure you've heard about them), winds that could push you down sooner than you've planned, then as you said "stretching the glide" may be too late. I like your rhetoric "did you learn anything
  3. Everything you know is wrong. This guy explained everything...
  4. Every landing is, and will be different. There will be wider/narrower/longer/shorter runways. Also I found landing on grass in Tyabb different to landing at bitumen. When landing on grass, in addition to looking in the distance, I had much better landings when looking at the concrete taxiway to the left (when landing on 17 grass). Good idea is to memorise the picture and reference lines before taking off, but note, that will be different when flying into another aerodrome. How far to look in the distance? When you're driving a car on the road with broken lines, you will see they be
  5. From this altitude, I would be heading direct towards the airport then spiraling/circling down. But could be the camera not doing it a justice, or pilot practiced there before. In any case, well done !
  6. Not sure about Jabiru, but for many GA aircrafts, the standard is PAR36. I found John Deere tractor LED's in combination with RF chokes very effective, low consumption, low temperature, low stress on switches/wires, much higher lumens than regular filament lights.
  7. Well done Mike! You could probably also make ~400m of 15-33 runway to accommodate easterly/westerly winds. The key is in practice, and "the feel" comes with more practice. Have fun and enjoy your paradise! ps: lockdown was never about the flying, it was about 5km away from home and since you already have the airstrip on your property, you can fly as much as you want providing you don't land unless in emergency.
  8. Two different technologies. With adsb you won't be able to see aircrafts not equipped with adsb out. With a radar, you could see everything, all aircrafts regardless of equipment (except F35 and alike), plus large birds and flocks. When flying I am not interested in anything further than 10nm.
  9. I don't think there's anything to be subsidised. You can buy a good gps for $200, a good vhf radio for $200, yet they sell eg. old garmin 430 for $5000 onwards... Subsidising is in my opinion one of the reasons for increased price (eg. solar panels, batteries, etc...)
  10. I am disappointed to see technology in General aviation hasn't move much forward over the past 20-30 years compared to e.g. General boating. A $1000 boat radar can paint an another boat up to 24nm at ~12deg angle. I don't see why boat radars couldn't be used in aviation. 12deg angle at 24nm is plenty for detection and evasion. Sure we don't need military precision, nor technology inside radar guided missiles, but yeah it has to be TSO'd, Certified which translates into a lots of $$$..
  11. Hey Mike, then it must be you flying with Jason the other day, we met at the fuel bowser. No worries about the accent, me too is Jimmy Grant so my accent is not "pure" either 🙂 With regards to skids vs. slips, I found this video very helpful. When I turn base to final, in addition to ASI I also glimpse at the ball and don't turn below my aircraft safety speed Vs1 x 1.404. You'll be good, just keep flying. Have fun! Cheers
  12. I see she's going to suck the last cent from his bank account, including kidneys, liver and last drop of his blood... But yeah, she's right..
  13. Did you win an auction on the weekend?
  14. As long as you have a Permit to enter Victoria, and no further restrictions, should be fine.. https://www.service.vic.gov.au/services/border-permit/home
  15. Maybe birds (both large and small) should be required to carry an adsb too? Some high-tech drones can actually "see" birds without adsb/transponder which is technology designed primarily for >surveillance< purposes.
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