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  1. Hi Ralph, I wouldn't be selling a VH letters aircraft as yet. Major changes to the GA medicals are going to be introduced as of mid this year, when you will be able to fly privately GA VH letters aircrafts with self-declared medicals. That means if you are fit to drive the car, you are fit to fly. There are not much differences between flying privately VH letters or RAA numbers aircrafts in terms of getting incapacitated when flying vs. driving a car. In my opinion the risk of head-on collision is probably higher when driving a car vs. crash land into a ho
  2. I struggled with landings in Foxbat until instructor suggested not to use any flaps. In strong winds she didn't want to land, so it was much easier to land without flaps/flaperons.
  3. Instructors can't simply send you on a Solo flight. By law (CASR 61.112-61.125), in addition to your ARN and current medical, you have to be dual checked within previous 14 days. Also, some (most) schools have internal policy of Pre-Solo written test, then doing 3 "good" circuits on the day, etc.. Regardless of your previous licence, everyone including current ATPL/CPL holders have to do min 5 hours for RAAAus conversion. In any case don't wait too long. "Strike while the iron is hot !"
  4. The guy is now super proficient in stall (crash) landings.. How many of us can do that? 🙂
  5. Assuming it's a Raaus conversion, you'll need 5 hours, of which 1 hr solo. Tyabb is around $300ph and they have a Foxbat online. Plus ~$300 for RaOz membership.
  6. By the same analogy why Undercarriage if large % of RAA aircrafts have fixed gear? Why Pitch when % of aircrafts have fixed prop.. Checklists are here to help because we are humans and we make mistakes. BUMFOH, PUFT, TMPFISCH, CFMST, FMOST etc.. are not in any CAO, CASR... it is up to a pilot in command whether he/she wants to use them. Back to question.. Agree, an aircraft can land flapless and without trimming. However, applying full flaps when turning downwind to base would make a trip to threshold very long. I usually apply last stage of flaps on final (
  7. After Base to Final Checklist PUFT - pitch, undercarriage, flaps, trim
  8. it's in ersa... in case you don't have other things to do 😉
  9. FlightRadar24 is not what it used to be. Lots of limitations, delays, restrictions, paywalls, etc.. Adsbexchange is apparently showing everything https://www.adsbexchange.com/faq/ but the Gui is not the greatest.
  10. Just turn on Family sharing on your phone (android), or believe there is a similar app for ios and they will be able to see you.. Otherwise skyecho, avplan, etc are other options
  11. You can also visualise winds using https://www.windy.com/ 1. click anywhere on the screen to set the windspeed and direction flag 2. turn on pressure lines 3. you can see the winds at different altitudes 4. you can see the winds in the future
  12. Recommended reading BOM Manual of Aviation Meteorology. There is also an online course: https://learn.bom.gov.au/course/view.php?id=136 click eLearning module
  13. Welcome to the forum Aero Medic. Every time I buy prescription sunnies (oakley, maui jim) they tell me how the lenses may not fit, manufacturer doesn't like this or that, blah blah, but at the end I tell them I accept responsibility and no warranties, then they fit. So far so good..
  14. There is only one page with AIP ENR 1.7-5 written on top. If you ever decide to go PPL and above, AIP will be your key book.
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