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  1. The Atsb report related to the incident.. Pdf in the report contains maps, photos, etc. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2011/aair/ao-2011-126/
  2. In case of carby icing, the procedure requires to pull the carby heat out, mixture rich, and ensure the fuel and switches are on. Propeller windmiling may restart the engine when ice melts. Therefore I don't think the prop will stop when in flight unless big issue inside engine. Another story.. My o300 engine requires leaning when taxiing, so one day during the landing roll I pulled the mixture knob and engine stopped. I quickly pulled the starter lever, cranking, but nothing.. Lucky the exit was not far away and I managed to exit and clear the runway.. It took me another 30se
  3. Hi Waraton It is Bob Tait. I found his books written in language easy to understand, but again there may be other books from other authors that I'm not aware of. https://bobtait.com.au/raa-products-page
  4. CASA transfer ownership paperwork around $130 (one off). Hard stand parking around $1.5k per year. 3rd party insurance around $1.2k p.y.. MR around 2-3k. 50 hourly oil + filter change ~$200 (do it yourself). Avgas around $2 per litre. All above are Ozzy $. With ageing aircraft expect unexpected costs, and also you will want to improve your aircraft.. If it's for business, then it will be tough (according to people doing business with their aircrafts), but if it's for pleasure, then it doesn't matter much. Regardl
  5. You never know.. there's always a chance of EMP destroying your gnss, ipad and phone at the same time 🙂
  6. I use both BT and PPE. BT has online forum which is ok, but found PPE Facebook group more responsive. So far so good. Regarding exams, aspeq.com is testing provider for Casa where you can do exams outside of school, but not sure about RAA process.
  7. Just to add, if you fly faster, the distance decreases. If you fly slower, the distance also decreases..
  8. Ersa is the place to look (and decode textual information into maps ). IFR waypoints won't work in Naips if you are submitting VFR flight plan.
  9. I aborted once a takeoff as the engine developed less than 2000rpm in the t/o roll. Then the 2nd mags check on the ground confirmed fouling which was cleared with high rpm's and leaned rich of peak for a short period of time. Since then, I agressively lean the engine from the moment the engine is started until takeoff, then lean again in the cruise, and before landing. New sparkplugs helped a lot!
  10. 1. Don't give up! 2. Do your best, prepare, study and pass the theory first. Question everything. Instructors are humans too! Nothing wrong to learn from others! 3. Most importantly, e n j o y!
  11. Well done! Any hints from the instructor how far from the end of syllabus (or a ticket) ? any further plans? Did you buy a bird? I've got the feeling of being a "real pilot" after my 2nd solo Nav, ~260nm+3 landings in 2.6hrs incl. refuelling. Great boost of self-confidence. A feeling that I can do anything.. Great feeling! Cheers
  12. For spin recovery use acronym PARE P power idle A ailerons neutral R rudder opposite E elevators forward Do it with spin rated instructor in spin rated aircraft. Have fun 🙂
  13. Choosing an emergency landing spot is always a challenge and whilst survival chances may be greater when landing on some flat farmland, there were a number of occasions when I have been surprised with powerlines, large rocks or other obstacles suddenly appearing in front of me during simulated engine failure into an otherwise "perfect" landing spot. Regarding tiger country, there are plenty 4wd tracks are on the ground. Choosing between treetops (or fallen snow gums) and a 4wd track, I would choose a 4wd track. The chances of avoiding direct hit into a tree are higher, ie. wings w
  14. For some reason photos didn't came through... Need to figure out how to upload photos. Is there an administrator on this page who can delete my previous post so that I can post new one with the photos? Thanks
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